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Mum's 'healthy' version of Fairy Bread has Aussies reaching for vomit bags

Charisa Bossinakis

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Mum's 'healthy' version of Fairy Bread has Aussies reaching for vomit bags

A mum’s healthy version of Fairy Bread has gone viral, with many Aussie clutching at the spew bags.

In a recent video uploaded to TikTok by Fatimah Omran, a culinary teacher from NSW, the mother shows her version of the Aussie party kid staple and viewers are not impressed.

In the video, the mother says: “My daughter wanted Fairy Bread, I said, ‘no’, [instead] get some bread, veggies and coconut.”


The mother then pans to her chopping board which shows her using purple cabbage and carrots as the healthy alternative for hundreds and thousands.

Police. Yes, hello. I’d like to report a crime.

She continues: “I shredded all the veggies; it would’ve been easier if I had a juicer [and] squeezed out the excess juice.”

At this point, the mum adds beetroot into the mix and squeezes out its additional juice because nothing says it’s party time like some raw vegetables.


Why not also take this kid to the library for her birthday as the icing on the cake?

Of course, for this mum, we suspect the icing must be sugar and gluten-free too.

The mother then proceeds to coat the shredded coconut with the veggie juice and then air dries it as she insists you don’t want a wet mixture.

She adds: “I coated the bread with some butter and sprinkled my healthy sprinkles. This is better than any Fairy Bread at any party.”


The TikTok video has attracted 4.5 million views, with many absolutely slamming the recipe.

One person wrote: “Someone hands me this as ‘Fairy Bread’ they will be catching hands.”

Another said: “Fairy bread is like the staples of an Aussie kids party, it's not often so let them have it. every once and a while sugar will be ok.”

A third joked: “Calling my mum and telling her I appreciate her.”


While another commented: “Just remember your kids decide what care home you go in.”

Despite the mother-copping heat right now, we have to admit the other recipes on her channel look absolutely delicious, including her take on an Aussie meat pie and KFC’s mashed potato and gravy.

Just stay away from making the Fairy Bread, girl.

Featured Image Credit: fatimah.omran/TikTok

Topics: News, TikTok, Parenting, Food And Drink

Charisa Bossinakis
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