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Mum Shocked After Cracking Strange Discoloured Egg Into Her Frying Pan

Tom Wood

| Last updated 

Mum Shocked After Cracking Strange Discoloured Egg Into Her Frying Pan

A mum was left shocked and confused after cracking an egg into a pan to discover that it had a bizarre pinky-red colour to it.

Seriously, it doesn’t look like something that you’d want to eat.

Luckily for Beena Sarangdhar, the internet said exactly that. She shared the unusual egg on Facebook, where people were quick to warn her against eating it – or giving it to anyone else, for that matter – because the discolouring of the egg could be down to a type of bacteria that could cause serious illness if eaten.

Mum Beena, from Abbots Langley in Hertfordshire, was just trying to rustle up a quick load of fried eggs for her kids to eat but screamed as the strangely hued egg dropped into the pan.

Here's what she saw. Credit: Beena Sarangdhar
Here's what she saw. Credit: Beena Sarangdhar

Her children then rushed to see what all the fuss was about and were equally repulsed by the egg.

She had only recently bought the eggs from the supermarket, and wasn’t quite sure whether or not to eat it – although someone would have had to be brave to force that down.

After sharing the information on a local Facebook group, she was told – quite rightly – that the egg should not be eaten as it was potentially full of bacteria.

Beena told Herts Live: "I fancied some egg yesterday and cracked open the egg in the frying pan as normal,

"Then as it fell into the pan I screamed as I have never seen a pink egg before.

"The kids came running to see what had happened and their reaction was typical, [they went] 'errrr'."

She continued: "I then cracked the other two eggs from the same box but they were normal.

"It was really weird because they were in date and just the last few left. Bought them from the local Asda in Watford.

"It did put me off for a second but after that everyone fancied some egg on toast!"

Well, as long as it wasn’t that egg, everything is fine.

An Asda spokesperson said: “We never want any of our customers to be dissatisfied with the products we sell, but should something not meet the standards they expect we would ask that they return the product to their local store or call our customer service team so that we can fully investigate what could have happened.”

Here's another potentially spoiled egg. Credit: Cluckin.net
Here's another potentially spoiled egg. Credit: Cluckin.net

It looks as if that egg might have been spoiled by the Pseudomonas bacteria.

Now, that’s not great because microorganisms such as that can cause the albumen (the bit that isn’t the yolk) to change colour can cause some pretty nasty illnesses, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

If eaten, they claim that the bacteria could cause headaches, swelling and possibly pneumonia.

So, if you end up with an egg that looks like this, it’s best to chuck it.

Featured Image Credit: Beena Sarangdhar

Topics: Food And Drink, UK News, Weird, Health

Tom Wood
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