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Musician, 24, Who Was Obsessed With Ted Bundy Handed Life Sentence For Killing Bobbi-Anne McLeod

Musician, 24, Who Was Obsessed With Ted Bundy Handed Life Sentence For Killing Bobbi-Anne McLeod

Cody Ackland has been jailed for life for the murder of 18-year-old Bobbi-Anne McLeod.

Cody Ackland has been jailed for life for the murder of 18-year-old Bobbi-Anne McLeod.

Today, 19 May, at Plymouth Crown Court, Judge Robert Linford sentenced musician Ackland.

Ackland pleaded guilty to the murder of 18-year-old Bobbi-Anne McLeod, and will now serve a minimum of 30 years in prison.

Judge Linford stated: "She had the whole of her life in front of her until it was brutally and savagely snuffed out by you."

Cody Ackland has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Bobbi-Anne McLeod.

Judge Linford called Ackland's 'attack' on McLeod on 20 November, 'prolonged, savage and merciless'.

He continued: "She was a young, popular and much-loved person, you caused outrage and fear in this part of the country and with good reason, it was utterly motiveless."

Ackland was told there is 'a strong possibility' he 'may never be released from prison'.

Judge Linford said Ackland would also be deemed a 'highly dangerous person' for the foreseeable future.

McLeod was last seen at a bus stop in Plymouth on 20 November. She had plans to go out with friends.

Three days after she was reported missing, Ackland went to the police and told them where they could find the teenager's body.

He admitted to hitting her with a blunt instrument and hiding her body in the woods.

Ackland admitted to hiding McLeod's body in the woods.

Senior crown prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service in the south-west of England, Ian Wilkinson, said the 18-year-old girl had her life 'taken away in the most cruel and shocking manner'.

"The CPS were involved with the case from the start of the investigation following the discovery of Bobbi-Anne’s body. We worked closely alongside our partners in the police to build the strongest possible case to ensure that Ackland was held responsible for what he did," he added.

Wilkinson said his and the rest of the authority's thoughts were 'very much with Bobbi-Anne’s family as they continue to live with what Cody Ackland did'.

He resolved: "Violence against women and girls has a devastating effect on victims and their families.

"The CPS is dedicated to working with our partners in the criminal justice system to bring offenders to justice and make the public safer."

Senior crown prosecutor Ian Wilkinson said his thoughts were with McLeod's family.

In response to the sentencing, McLeod's family released a statement via Devon and Cornwall Police reflecting on what a 'beautiful girl' McLeod was and how she 'lit up' the lives of 'everyone she ever met'.

It said: "We have been robbed of our beautiful girl in the worst possible way and our lives will never be the same without her.

"I want Cody Ackland to know that he has taken away our world. We will never see her beautiful face or hear her laugh, see her get married or have the children she so wanted. So many everyday things have been taken away. Her not being here is still unimaginable.

"[...] We can’t even contemplate a future without her in it. There will never be anything the justice system can impose that will ever come close to what he deserves."

McLeod's family explained how their lives have 'changed forever'.

The family explained how their lives have 'changed forever'.

"We have not been able to say goodbye to Bobbi-Anne and we can only imagine the things he did to her – the thoughts are continually going around in our minds. Why Bobbi-Anne? Why make her suffer? To know her final hours were spent being tortured destroys us inside," the statement read.

The family concluded: "We do want to say thank you to everyone. There is no piece of paper, bulletin board, flyer, or anything big enough out there on which we can say thank you.The help and support from everyone, not just friends and family but everyone, everywhere, who helped with all of the posters, posts and messages to bring our baby, our Bobbi, home – thank you.

"To everyone in the police, the investigation team and all of the services, we thank you for everything you have done and for finally getting justice for Bobbi-Anne."

If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677 

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