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People divided over name of game where you knock on door and run away

People divided over name of game where you knock on door and run away

It was a classic childhood game

For most, your childhood was the best time of your life, and what hurts the most is many of us didn't appreciate that until it was too late.

No responsibilities in the world, free food, free clothes (thanks mum and dad), no debts or financial worries, and your mates were free to hang out all day, everyday.

Long gone are the care-free bike rides around with your mates.
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There were so many different ways you could make time pass too, with several games taking over, whether it be classics like tag or Bulldog or something more obscure and unique to your mates.

But one game stands out as one of the most daring and potentially hilarious of them all.

You may remember running around with friends, like many generations before you, going up to people's doors, knocking them, and legging it as far away as you could to hide.

The feeling you would get in your stomach as the unknowing victim stepped out to see who knocked on their door only to see that no-one was there was unrivalled.

What a time to be alive.

I'm sure most, if not all, of us will remember playing that game and we can agree that it was a riot, but can we agree on what it was actually called?

You'd think that's a simple question, but as one person found out, it's really not.

The feeling you'd get while running away and hiding was unrivalled.
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Writing on X, they asked: "When you were younger what did you call it when you knock on someone's door and run away?"

Giving the correct answer, one user said: "Knock a door run."

Others, however, had different names for it, some of which just make no sense at all.

"Knock down ginger," replied one.

Who's 'ginger' and why are you knocking them down?

Another put: "Chappy."

Again, not a clue what's going on here. Apparently, it's another word for 'knock'.

"Ding, Dong, Ditch," said a third.

Can't really argue with that to be fair.

Someone else proposed: "Thunder and Lightning. Rap the door like thunder and run like lightning."

Maybe it would be called cling clang run if the door had a knocker like this?
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One user said that in County Durham it was called 'knocky hide oh', although they didn't know why and neither do I.

Meanwhile, a fellow Northerner replied that in Sunderland the game was called 'Knocky 9 Doors' - what?

And another former player claimed that they used to call it 'knock and gnash'.

However, others took the opportunity to have a pop at the country's various delivery services.

One joked: "Hermes delivery."

While another put: "Today it's called - Royal Mail Delivery."

So I guess maybe there isn't a right answer after all.

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