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YouTuber charged with making terroristic threats after 'pulling knife' on stranger in failed prank

YouTuber charged with making terroristic threats after 'pulling knife' on stranger in failed prank

It's safe to say this prank didn't go according to plan.

YouTuber Nas Ebk has been charged after he appeared to pull a knife on a stranger in a prank gone wrong.

The rapper-turned-social media star, 19, uploaded videos of himself threatening members of the public at an airport.

The YouTuber went viral with his threatening antics.
Twitter / FightHaven

In one viral video, he threatened to physically harm a couple after they refused to hand over their bags after they initially laughed at the stunt.

He said in the exchange: "We joking bro, it's a joke… Google me, I'll beat you up, stop playing with me."

The YouTuber - whose real name is Nasir Valenzuela - proceeded to continue to threaten the couple before he appeared to take out a knife.

"What? I'll stab you right now," he threatened. "How you feeling? How you feeling? What? You think you tough bro?"

While Ebk's friend Noticuz attempted to take the heat out of the situation, the YouTuber was determined to continue to threaten the couple.

"I'll stab your face right now, what, look, what you trying to do? Stop playing with me. I'll cut your face open," he said.

The supposed prank did not end in laughter.
Twitter / Fighthaven

Meanwhile, in another video filmed at ShopRite in Rochelle Park, New York, the rapper 'brandished a scalpel-style knife and threatened an employee', according to police.

In the footage, he could be seen approaching an employee as he said: "Walk toward me again and I’ll violate you."

Ebk has now been charged with possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, simple assault, terroristic threats and disorderly conduct.

As well as landing himself in hot water with police, Ebk was slammed by social media users.

Reacting to the footage of him in the airport, one viewer wrote: "All these airport 'pranksters' need to be banned from all airports/put on a no fly list at the very least."

"He's gonna get boxed up one day lmao," joked a second, imagining the YouTuber threatening the wrong person.

The YouTuber couldn't believe the couple didn't know who he was.
Twitter / FightHaven

"Weirdo behaviour to antagonise people then get even more aggressive when they're annoyed," remarked a third viewer.

"Pranks that inconvenience random people shouldn't be incentivised on YouTube tbh."

"Some new definition of 'prank' that I was previously unaware," wrote a fourth.

The YouTuber was arrested on Tuesday (21 February) and he remains in custody at Bergen County Jail.

While the viral videos were uploaded to social media last month, Yahoo News reports, authorities had been unable to locate Ebk until this week.

Featured Image Credit: ROCHELLE PARK PD/fighthaven/twitter

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