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Police issue arrest warrant for Nate Diaz after he choked Logan Paul lookalike unconscious in street fight

Police issue arrest warrant for Nate Diaz after he choked Logan Paul lookalike unconscious in street fight

Nate Diaz is alleged to have attacked 'Logan Paul lookalike' Rodney Petersen in the streets of New Orleans after a Misfits boxing event

Police in New Orleans have issued an arrest warrant for former UFC fighter Nate Diaz after he allegedly choked out a ‘Logan Paul lookalike’ during a brawl on the street.

The incident took place in the Louisiana city after a boxing event that Diaz had attended to support his friend Chris Avila.

In the aftermath of that Misfits boxing night at the XULA Convention Center, Diaz was filmed getting into an altercation with a man, who he then choked out.

Now, New Orleans Police Department have issued a warrant for his arrest.

NOPD spokesperson Karen A. Boudrie told MMA Fighting: “There has been an arrest warrant issued — he is not in custody.”

A video of the incident has since gone viral.

In a short video, Diaz can be seen closing his arm around the neck of the man, eventually leaving him seemingly unconscious.

Strangely enough, the man bears more than a passing resemblance to YouTuber, celebrity boxer, and WWE star Logan Paul.

In fact, he looks so much like Paul that UFC chief Dana White even believed it was him at one stage.

After watching the video, White said: “He knocked him out.

“Whoever that is, he knocked him out.

“That guy’s head bounced like a f***ing basketball.”

However, he did also point out that he believes the man to be too slim to be Logan Paul.

That’s because the man from the footage is Rodney Petersen, who has explained on his Instagram what allegedly went down.

He said: "Got attacked by Nate Diaz.

"Wtf, I was like, 'Bro, chill'. He was like, 'I someone say kill?'"

There’s obviously some mistake in that sentence, but we can sort of get the idea.

Petersen later vowed to exact his revenge on Diaz, who has 15 years of UFC experience after winning sports reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter 5.

Rodney Petersen.

While we can’t completely verify that Petersen is the man in the video, he has released another Instagram video in which he said: “So I don’t know what the hell I did to Nate Diaz,

“But I’ll telling you what, I’m going to knock him the f*** out when I know he’s coming.

“You caught me off guard, dude.

“Did you think I was Logan? What the f***?”

Diaz is scheduled to face off in the boxing ring against Logan’s brother Jake Paul, who is returning to fight after his loss to Tommy Fury earlier this year.

The Paul brothers have also since released a video mocking Diaz, joking about how to survive a run-in with him.

Jake Paul and Logan mocked Diaz in their own video.

In that video, Jake said: “Today, we’re going to be teaching you what to do if you see a homeless Stockton [California] man trying to come at you in the middle of the streets.

“Now if you look anything like a Paul brother, keep your eyes peeled because the streets are hot.”

Then, Jake – impersonating Diaz – attempted to choke his brother out, before he used a snorkel to stay awake and escape the fictional situation.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@PaulLABamba

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