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Jake Paul Wants To Fight Brother Logan Paul In The Ring But Their Mum Has Said No

Jake Paul Wants To Fight Brother Logan Paul In The Ring But Their Mum Has Said No

Both brothers have expressed interest in facing eachother in the ring, and claim such an event would not be "replicable" in history

Jake Paul has admitted that he and his brother Logan talk about fighting each other in the boxing ring 'all the time', but one major obstacle has prevented the brothers from squaring up against each other- their parents won’t let them.

Both Jake and Logan have recently gone on record stating their excitement over the prospect of facing each other as they hope to become the first siblings in history to fight in a competitive match.

Speaking in a recent interview on the Impaulsive podcast, Logan said that any potential fight between the two would not be 'replicable' in history, and that even though the brothers have a somewhat rocky relationship, that tension is exactly what would make a bout between the two such a tantalising prospect.

"That is like some history in the making and in the textbook s*** and it excites me,” he said.

Jake said he knows the fight would draw big money.

“It is a little f***** up but we are not the most sane people in the world. We are f****** brothers we have been through it all, I don't give a f***. It's fairy dust right now, it doesn't exist.

"That’s why it excites me. I don't think it is replicable on a scale like this ever.”

When asked about his brother’s comments in a similar interview on the Flagrant podcast, Jake confirmed he and Logan talk about fighting each other 'all the time', but that family politics has prevented them from going ahead with the idea.

“Parents don’t want us to do it,” he said.

“They’re like, ‘Absolutely not. Why would you do that?”

“The Klitschko brothers never fought; the Charlo brothers haven’t fought; the list goes on. And I think Logan and I like to make history, and do shit differently, and spin the narrative. And I think for that reason, the fight will happen one day…”

If the brothers do ever face off, the safe bet would be on Jake- the 25-year-old has to date registered five knockouts in his professional career, whereas Logan is still yet to register an official win as a boxer.

Nevertheless, Logan still managed to go eight rounds against Floyd Mayweather in an unscored match in 2020, and only lost against fellow YouTuber-turned-boxer KSi in a split-second decision when the two clashed in 2018.

“It’s boxing. Anything can happen,” Jake said.

Logan was the first Paul brother to make a name in YouTube boxing.

“If my own brother knocks me out, I’m perfectly fine with that. If I knock out him, which is more likely to happen just because- Logan, I love you, but he’s never won a fight.

“But yeah, he would be the one to have to accept that.”

Whether or not the fight will ever happen remains to be seen, but right now the brothers appear to be heading down diverging paths.

Whereas Jake has doubled-down and is preparing for the toughest fight of his career against 12-1 pro boxer Hasim Rahman Jr next month, Logan has instead signed a lucrative contract with WWE, leaving behind competitive sports to dip his toes into the world of sports entertainment instead.

Will the brothers ever face off in the ring? Who knows. But whatever happens, you’d best hope that Ma Paul signs off on it first.

Featured Image Credit: loganpaul/Instagram / jakepaul/Instagram

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