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Australian icon Nedd Brockman is launching his own brand of chocolate milk

Australian icon Nedd Brockman is launching his own brand of chocolate milk

The young lad is helping his fellow Aussies by debuting his Choccy Milk, aimed at raising $10 million for Mobilise.

Australian icon Nedd Brockmann is launching his very own choccy milk just in time for the holidays.

Well, it seems the Aussie athlete isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

This time last year, the 24-year-old sparky from Central West NSW ran across the country, averaging 80 km a day for the nearly 4,000 km run, raising millions of dollars for homelessness and sparking an entire movement.

Like Popeye’s spinach, choccy milk helped fuel his journey every single day.

This year, Nedd continues to help his fellow Aussies, debuting his Choccy Milk, which is aimed at raising $10 million for the homeless charity Mobilise.

Nedd launched his Choccy Milk just over a month ago and embarked on a crazy Milk Run across the country in his Milk Van called Ronda.

While seeing some familiar faces along his way, the athlete took a moment to thank his supporters while distributing his new icy cold drink for the worthy cause.

Just like he did in 2022, Nedd kept one of these babies close to him as he jumped out of planes and built his own billboard on the Nullarbor that ended up getting placed on billboards all around Sydney thanks to JC Decaux to 4am ‘Milk Runs’ attended by up to 700 people.

As more people began to notice the young lad in the striking mullet while he moved across the country, Nedd captured the hearts of many, accumulating 17 million organic views on Instagram and TikTok for his newly created Nedd’s Milk pages.

Now, his new product is rolling out at Coles and Woolworths.

“To be picked up by the legends at Woolworths and stocked in their stores is an absolute privilege and I’m incredibly excited to work together. This will allow us to be able to bring more good into this world, while sipping on a terrific choccy milk. The more milk we sell, the more people we help. Thanks Woolies, you legends,” Nedd said.

Woolworths Commercial Director - Chilled & Bakery, Jason McQuaid said the supermarket is ‘honoured’ to be the first supermarket distributing the beverage.

“Woolworths is part of communities right across the country and we’re really pleased to support initiatives like this that give back to the community,” he added.

In true Nedd fashion, there’s no fancy stuff or new-age ingredients - it’s just Nedd’s Choccy Milk and Nedd’s Iced Coffee.

Rest assured, besides being bloody delicious, this choccy milk is perfect for post-exercise as it helps the body recover and is full of protein and calcium.

Pretty damn good, right?

Nedd’s Choccy Milk and Iced Coffee will be available in over 800 Woolworths Supermarkets and Metro stores starting Wednesday, 23 November.

So before you hit the trail, be sure to pick up one of these bad boys.

Every bottle gives back.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/neddsmilk. Instagram/neddbrockmann

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