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Furious Neighbour Living Next To 'Britain's Best Man Cave' Claims He's Building A Swimming Pool

Furious Neighbour Living Next To 'Britain's Best Man Cave' Claims He's Building A Swimming Pool

Graham Wildin has fallen out of favour with locals on his road who aren't fans of his building work

Neighbours living next to the millionaire who built the country's 'best man cave' are furious after claiming that he's now built a huge swimming pool too.

Graham Wildin, from the Forest of Dean, has already been ordered to tear down the huge structure he erected in his family's garden without planning permission.

However, according to those who live close by, not only has he failed to do so, the 69-year-old has now built an indoor swimming pool to go with it.

New photographs of Mr Wildin's property show a new building alongside the controversial structure, which includes a cinema, gym and a bowling alley.

"He's not very well liked," said one neighbour.

Graham Wildin has been accused of building a swimming pool in his garden.

''He's upset everybody on this road by flouting planning rules and then parking his collection of classic cars everywhere.

"He's had a swimming pool built at the back, finished not long ago. That was ongoing for about four or five months.

"He gets up everybody's back, and to him it's payback time for all the people on this road. 

''He's even had his gates repaired to keep everyone away from his house."

They went on to say that Mr Wildin used to have a good relationship with fellow residents, but no longer.

"There's always something going on up there, they started on the swimming pool which went in late last year," they added.

He previously built a massive man cave.

"I don't know how they're going to knock down the buildings now though he's give away his houses, but hopefully they will find a way."

No request for planning permission has seemingly been lodged with the local council, however, pools can be deemed to be 'permitted developments', and sometimes don't require any.

A spokesperson for the council refused to comment on the case due to ongoing legal proceedings.

According to the land registry, the alleged pool outbuilding is within a property which is registered to a company called Expresser Ltd, whose directors are Mr Wildin's children, Jacqueline Mannion, Louise Trigg and Philip Wildin. 

It was transferred to Expresser for £226,566 in June 2020.

The 69-year-old was ordered to tear the man cave down.

Mr Wildin himself was a former director at Expresser, having resigned in 2004, the same year his children reportedly joined.

Another property, which was formerly owned by Graham Wildin, has also been transferred to Expresser Ltd.

The third building, housing the illegal man cave, still belongs to Mr Wildin, however.

Once dubbed 'Britain's best man cave', it was bought by Mr Wildin for £230,000 in 2013.

But despite Mr Wildin being ordered to pay £300,000 and tear it down earlier this year, he is yet to do so.

Neither Mr Wildin nor his family had responded to requests for comment at the time of writing.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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