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New London To Sydney Non-Stop Flight Will Become World’s Longest

New London To Sydney Non-Stop Flight Will Become World’s Longest

Qantas airlines are set to unveil the world's longest flight from Sydney to London.

Qantas airlines has announced its plans for a non-stop flight from Sydney to London.

If you love being stuck in an airplane seat for the better part of a day, this flight is for you.

As the airline plans to send planes from Sydney and Melbourne to London and New York by the end of 2025 as part of their 'Project Sunrise' flights.

The new announcement comes as Qantas recently made their maiden voyage for a non-stop flight from Perth to London, which totalled 17 hours.

And the airline clearly doesn't like doing things by half, as an even longer flight is set to run, with Qantas ordering 12 specially designed A350-1000s to make it happen.

The brand announced the order for their new aircraft, built to make the ridiculously long flights, on Twitter.

"We’re extremely excited to announce an order for our new domestic fleet as well as 12 A350-1000s, an aircraft designed to redefine the way we travel with the ability to fly non-stop from Australia to anywhere in the world."

The planes are set to carry 238 passengers and will have 'well-being zones' to help passengers cope with the long journey.

Renderings of the comfort zones were also shared to social media, and while it looks like the back end of a GP's office, at least you won't have to pace up and down the aisle to stop your leg from going dead.

You're probably wondering how long the record-breaking flight is?

Well, it's a chill 20 hours in total, which means you'll definitely have to eat plane food.

'Comfort zones' will allow passengers to stretch their legs
'Comfort zones' will allow passengers to stretch their legs

And according to Alan Joyce, chief executive of Project Sunrise, the plane's cabin 'is being specially designed for maximum comfort in all classes for long-haul flying'.

Due to the extra fuel needed to make the flight, fewer seats would be available on the plane.

However, at least this means extra space, with Dr Tony Webber, chief economist on the project saying: "Being confined to a small space, especially an economy seat, for 18 hours or more is torture.

"Personal space will have to be increased, as well as space for pilots and crew to rest," Webber continued, as reported by The Guardian.

The new flight completely smashes the current record for the world's longest flight, which heads from New York to Singapore and is operated by Singapore Airlines.

Still, that is a pretty hefty flight at 18 hours and 50 minutes, travelling over 9,500 miles.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy