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New maps reveal harsh truth about what Australians actually think of Americans

New maps reveal harsh truth about what Australians actually think of Americans

The new data shows that almost 110,000 US born residents have chosen to move Down Under.

A new migration map reveals what Australia really thinks about Americans, and it ain’t pretty.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data has shown that almost every country in the world has had natives flock to the US more than they’re gaining American citizens.

But it's with the expectation of one country - Australia.

The map shows that almost 110,000 US-born residents are relocating Down Under while US Census Bureau data estimate there are 97,800 Australians in the US - confirming that this is truly a one-sided friendship.

Cheer up, America; at least you still have the Statue of Liberty and double-glazed doughnuts.

What is it exactly? Our coffee? Care-free nature? The Hemsworths? All of the above.

Demographer Simon Kuestenmacher tweeted the findings, who joked ‘on balance Australia is a better place to live than the US’.

He told why the nation is so alluring to Americans.

“Australia has a lot of things to offer, plenty of jobs, plenty of large American companies, which provide an easy pathway for employment,” he said.

“We are also an English-speaking nation, most US Americans only speak English so they don’t have the world to choose from.”

The findings began making the rounds on Twitter, with one person writing: “They legit gave us an uncapped visa to go there thanks to the Iraq war (E3) and still nobody wants to go.”

Another said: “It means Aussies don’t want our kids to get shot while they learn their two times tables.”

A third commented: “Ironic considering how US conservatives demonise Australia as a dystopian hellhole.”

While another shared: “It is kind of fascinating how anti-Americanism is popular in Australia, yet our government are so enamoured with the US that they'll torpedo any future relationship with China.”

Demographer Mark McCrindle said the data was a ‘remarkable tribute to brand Australia’.

Jon Arnold Images Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Honestly, it could replace the ‘So where the bloody hell are you?’ tourism ad. No disrespect to Lara Bingle.

"There are more citizens from countries of lower wealth in the US than Americans in those countries is expected,” he told the outlet.

“But for Australians, such is the lifestyle of our nation, balanced with a strong economy and work opportunities, even the pull of living in the world’s largest economy is not enough to tip the balance.

"Indeed the liveability of Australia, even though it is so far from the US has positioned Australia as a net-gain country, with more US citizens living here, than Australians living there.”

Featured Image Credit: Aleksandr Davydov / Alamy. Aleksandr Davydov / Alamy.

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