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New Wearable Tech Could Stop Premature Ejaculation

New Wearable Tech Could Stop Premature Ejaculation

The new device is worn on the body and controlled via an app on a smartphone

A new piece of wearable tech could put an end to premature ejaculation, its creators have claimed. You can see an explainer into how it works here:

The patch was designed by Morari Medical and has been showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where its creators have said it could lead to a more fulfilled and healthy sex life for those living with premature ejaculation, while also boosting self-esteem. 

The patch, called Mor, is worn between a man’s the scrotum and anus during sex and allows users to eliminate the urge to ejaculate with the simple push of a button. 

Jeff Bennett, CEO and founder of Morari Medical, said in a statement: “PE [premature ejaculation] is the most common male sexual dysfunction and is experienced by 30 percent of men.

“Morari Medical is using science and data to address PE and restore confidence in sexual health.

“It’s our mission to use the latest technology to reframe climax control and serve millions of men to drive pleasure, enhance self-esteem, and live a fulfilled, healthy sexual life."

Bold claims. 

The new device connects with an app on your phone, which can then be used to increase or decrease the amount of stimulation the person wearing it receives. 

Morari Medical

The Mor patch houses a tiny battery and Bluetooth transmitter, so it can link to a phone.

It contains a wireless transdermal electric neuromodulation (TENS) unit, which sends small electric pulses to the man’s… erm, sensitive parts thus interrupting the signals from his brain.

In theory, this will then delay the ejaculation. Clever, eh? 

Dr. Aaron Davis, of Everest Men’s Health in Minneapolis said: “It’s clear after conducting the couples’ study that there is a great market opportunity for a product that can help enhance sexual experiences.

“Morari’s product has the potential to have a profound impact on sexual health and to improve relationships through greater intimacy and better communication."

For now, Morari Medical has only developed a prototype, so it could be displayed at CES, but it plans to have the final design ready for customers for sale in 2023. 

As yet, the company has not revealed how much the item will cost. 

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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