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Double Amputee Paralympic Swimmer Confronted By Driver For Using Disabled Spot

Double Amputee Paralympic Swimmer Confronted By Driver For Using Disabled Spot

Jessica Long uses prosthetics in her daily life but was scolded by a fellow driver

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A double amputee Paralympic swimmer has spoken out after she was confronted by a driver for using a disabled bay.

Jessica Long, from Maryland, US, has no legs below the knee and uses prosthetics in her daily life.

However, the 28-year-old says she was once again accosted by a fellow driver who didn't take kindly to her using a disabled spot, despite the fact she had a blue badge and told her that she has no legs.

Sharing her upsetting story to her TikTok channel, Jessica said: "So, it just happened again. I was parking my car - and I hope she sees this - this woman just has the nerve to look me up and down disgusted that I parked in the handicapped spot.

"I don't have legs! So that's kind of what I told her, which I don't even need to tell her.

"But she just kind of rolled down her window and proceeded to be like, "You shouldn't park there." 'I was just, like, 'Okay, I'm an amputee. I don't have legs. That's why I'm parked in the handicapped [space]. That's why I have the handicapped pass'.

"And she kind of just drove off."

Jessica Long hit out at the driver who confronted her.
Jessica Long

Jessica said she was never bullied for her disability as a child, but that it's something she has experienced in her adult years.

She said: "I was never bullied as a kid and I didn't know that I was going to be bullied by adults because I park in handicap.

"And I get it. I'm young, I'm athletic, but I'm also missing legs! And I know I make it look easy, but it's still really hard. My legs are heavy, they hurt me. I'm in pain."

The athlete concluded her video by urging people to be more understanding of one another and kinder.

Adding: "Just be kind. You don't need to know why someone is parked in handicapped."

Jessica's post struck a chord with her followers, many of who left positive comments.

One user said: "You said something particular that hit home. Being an amputee means daily pain that never goes away. Folks don't know that... "

Another wrote: "I'm sorry! My dad is a partial paraplegic (since he was 34) he used to deal with this."

"Literally the second I see one of those tags/mirror hangers, I go about my business. No one has to prove anything to me."

While a fourth added: "I would never investigate why someone is in that parking spot."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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