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Anger As Hundreds Of 'Disgusting' Bikers Break Lockdown Rules

Anger As Hundreds Of 'Disgusting' Bikers Break Lockdown Rules

Residents hot out at the day trippers for crowding together

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Residents in a picturesque village in the Peak District have spoken of their anger after hundreds of bikers descended on the streets, breaking lockdown rules.

Photos taken over the weekend show dozens of leather-clad bikers in Matlock Bath, enjoying some ice cream and fish and chips while appearing to ignore the guidance over social distancing.

Speaking about the scenes, Steve Manion said he was forced to brush shoulders with the day trippers because they were so tightly packed together.

The 30-year-old said: "It was disgusting.

"There were bunches of people brushing up against each other eating ice cream and eating fish and chips.


"No one was adhering to any social distancing whatsoever. They certainly weren't following any government guidance.

"There wasn't a single mask or any PPE to be seen, some riders had balaclavas but took them off when they got off their bikes.

"It was mad, I saw bikes pull [up] every few minutes."

He added: "There was a group of people who were stood in front of a 'thank you NHS' sign, I don't know if that was ironic or moronic."

Venting their anger on social media, other locals demanded that action should be taken.


"Impound their bikes and fine them for breach of lockdown," wrote one person.

While another lamented: "This is why we are going to end up in lockdown even longer."

The chairman of Matlock Bath Parish Council Peter Baranek said: "Residents of Matlock Bath are asking anyone thinking of taking a trip to our lovely village to think twice before coming.

"Matlock Bath is still closed, no facilities are open.

"With the relaxation of the guidelines, it is extremely important to remain vigilant and visits to Matlock Bath and the local area could put our residents' health at risk.


"Our lovely village does not lend itself to socially distancing safely.

"We urge anyone thinking of coming to Matlock Bath to respect and protect our village and the people who live here by staying away for now."

This isn't the only example of large gatherings taking place over the weekend.

On Saturday (16 May), police in Telford shut down a party in a park after around 70 people turned up, completely ignoring social distancing measures.

West Mercia Police said a DJ had set up for the 'rave' at Granville Country Park before officers arrived to break up the party at around 8.45pm.

Telford Police said on Twitter that one of the would-be party-goers told an officer they had attended the party as they were 'sick of self-isolation'.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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