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Boy Releases Butterfly Only For His Dog To Eat It Seconds Later

Boy Releases Butterfly Only For His Dog To Eat It Seconds Later

Ronnie Seddon, three, had watched the butterfly grow from a caterpillar, but it met a sudden end

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

A three-year-old boy was left heartbroken after his dog ate the butterfly he had raised from a caterpillar. Watch what happened below:

It was only a few seconds after the young boy released the butterfly in his back garden that the family's Cavalier King Charles spaniel quickly hunted it down and swallowed it instantly.

Ronnie Seddon, three, was keeping the caterpillar in a small plastic box for weeks, waiting for his caterpillar to blossom into a butterfly.

He even gave it a name - Ralph.

Father Danny, 25, filmed the incident and was probably hoping for something a bit more heartfelt.

In the footage, young Ronnie, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, opens the lid of the plastic jar and begins to shake it to release the insect back into the wild.


His Dad says: "That's it pull the lid off, say bye bye butterfly."

As it flutters off, the family dog Marvel has other ideas.

Perhaps because it's named after a superhero, the dog glides across the garden and instantly tries to catch it.


Within a few seconds, Marvel munches it up in one bite.

"Oh s***," shouts Danny, "Marvel you idiot, you idiot."

"Marvel's eaten him."

Poor Ronnie doesn't look impressed.


Danny shared the incident on Facebook last week (27 July).

The post received over 200,000 views and was captioned: "A short story of Ronnie and his pet butterfly Ralph."

Danny told the Daily Mail: "I stopped recording as Ronnie got upset. He's three years old and for a full day now has not stopped talking about his butterfly Ralph.

"We grew him from a caterpillar and decided it was time to set him free when our dog decided differently.

"I shared the video on my Facebook and people can't stop laughing at it."

His three-year-old son is said to be in a a right mood with the family dog.

Danny continued: "Ronnie has been very angry at our dog Marvel and refuses to talk to him."

Can you blame him?

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