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Bunnings Is Launching A Gardening Podcast To Help You Become The Best Plant Parent

Bunnings Is Launching A Gardening Podcast To Help You Become The Best Plant Parent

It will cover everything from indoor plants to what tools you'll need to keep your little green babies alive.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

The pandemic has lead millions of people to spend a lot more time in their home than usual. As a result, you might have noticed a few areas that could be improved.

Many people will immediately gravitate towards plants. As long as you can take care of them, they're a pretty, sustainable and long-lasting addition to any room or space.

However, there are loads of us who barely keep ourselves alive let alone a bloody plant. But fear not, there is help on the way.

Bunnings Warehouse/YouTube

The DIY specialists Bunnings has decided to launch a seven-part podcast series to help you be the best plant parent you can be.

Staying Grounded was launched at the end of April and is hosted by Chloe Thomson of The Gardenettes, a retro-tinged garden to table show.

Chloe said in a statement: "I love talking plants, it makes me so happy!

"I'm chatting with some incredible guests about all things gardening - from tools and tips to indoor plants and all your outdoor needs


"This show will appeal to newbie gardeners and seasoned green thumbs alike, plus inspire you to get your hands dirty while Staying Grounded."

The podcast will feature experts in the field, including a plant psychologist (yep, that's a real thing), a landscaper and many more.

The first two episodes are now available to soak up and they're perfect for the current environment.

Episode one is joined by plant designer Jenna Holmes, who discusses everything related to indoor plants, which will no doubt be interesting to a lot of people. The second episode features The Block's Dale Vine and will cover the tools you need for gardening success.

Bidgee (Creative Commons)

Bunnings commissioned some research and found that two out of five people are planning on optimising their gardens over the next few months while everyone is in isolation.

So this could be the perfect way to making sure those pricey plants stay alive.

But, if you simply cannot keep them alive for whatever reason, Bunnings has a little clause that many weren't aware of.


They'll let you return your plant within the first year if you still have the receipt.

The rule is listed on the company's website, which says: "All our plants (except seedlings) are guaranteed for 12 months. If you're not 100% happy, return your plant (with receipt or tax invoice) and we'll refund it."

When you take the plant into the store, you have to have a Bunnings employee properly look over the plant before you get your refund or replacement.

It's worth noting that the policy doesn't include seedlings so you might want to be very careful and selective about which ones you end up choosing.

Featured Image Credit: Scott Lewis

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