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​Entire Mexican Workforce Walks Out After Colleagues Were Fired

Jess Hardiman

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​Entire Mexican Workforce Walks Out After Colleagues Were Fired

An entire team of Mexican workers have really stuck it to the man, having walked out after their colleagues were fired:


The video footage of the workforce was posted to YouTube by fellow worker Antoine Dangerfield, a 30-year-old welder, who wrote in the video description: "UNITY ...... they thought they could fuck wit the Mexicans at my job .... lol .... packed they shitup.. black take some notes .. we need this."


According to the Independent, the incident reportedly took place in Indianapolis recently at a depot that was being built for UPS. Apparently the mass walkout was in response to the actions of a boss -- who has been accused of racism - when they let a handful of workers go for disobeying orders.

The clip showing the workforce (which is thought to have included around 100 people) leaving and shutting down the work has since gone viral.

In the video's comments section you can see just how inspiring people found the footage.

One YouTuber said: "I fucking love this!! The power of organized labour is beautiful."


A second wrote: "Solidarity. This is where strength comes from. I've been a worker and I've been an owner, and as a worker you have one basic strength: solidarity, and no management can survive it. It's why they try to stop unions everywhere. DON'T CRACK."

Someone else said: "Yes! Workers need to support each other against their employers that don't give a shit about them. This is a thing of beauty!"

Another said that this was a great example of 'what the working man needs to do', adding: "We have the power. Not them!"


Others were more impressed by Antoine's incredible voiceover work, with one person writing: "I wanna hire you to emcee my wedding fam."

Another person said: "This some platinum commentary."

Someone else wrote: "Please do commentary on like everything please thank you!"


Despite being an online hero for his hilarious commentary, Antoine has since revealed that he was fired for posting the video. He was also apparently offered $250 to remove it, but as it had become so popular he refused.

Speaking to Jacobin, Antoine explained what happened that day, saying: "There was a safety guy. He was just a racist, basically - always messing with anybody who's not white. The Hispanics just stayed out of his way.

Credit: Antoine Dangerfield/YouTube
Credit: Antoine Dangerfield/YouTube

"They warned each other when he came because they knew he was always messing with them, taking pictures and videos, trying to get them fired.


"He asked one of the Mexicans to come up and translate. He didn't wanna do it. [The coordinator] got mad, real red-faced.

"Next thing you know, he dismissed the meeting. So he's walking around just sending them home, trying to fire them. So he sent like five or six of them home.

"So the Hispanics got together and were like, 'Nah. We got families and kids. We're not about to let these dudes just do whatever.' So they took a stand."

He also said that he had no regrets about losing his job, adding: "You can say that. It was life-changing to me to see that happen. Because it was like, dang, they really came together.

"And that's why I'm not mad about the video, about getting fired. Because it's five million people who saw that.

"And it might change their view on things. Empowering people.

"So me losing a job is nothing compared to the big picture.

"If we can get it in our heads that we are the people, and if we make our numbers count, we can change anything."


Featured Image Credit: Antoine Dangerfield/YouTube

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Jess Hardiman
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