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Debate sparked after man calls out woman 'filming stretches' at the gym making her feel 'unsafe'

Debate sparked after man calls out woman 'filming stretches' at the gym making her feel 'unsafe'

He kicked over her phone and people are split on whether he should have called her out

A woman has sparked a debate after posting a TikTok of her being confronted in a gym by a man who told her she was 'what's wrong with girls'.

TikToker and OnlyFans creator Madi Ruvee posted the interaction online and the video she'd captioned 'was he valid for this' soon went viral.

She was filming herself at the gym bobbing up and down while clutching an exercise ball when a man came over and asked her 'yo, what are you doing?'.

Now, people filming themselves at the gym is a bit of a controversial topic, but this bloke was more annoyed than most.

The TikToker told him she was doing her leg day warm up, but he didn't seem to like her answer much.

"No, don't give me that bulls**t, I know you know what you're doing," he said, again not buying her insistence that she was warming up for leg exercises.

"You realise that you're actually what's wrong with girls, you're actually what's wrong with girls."

She filmed herself doing what she said was her leg day warm up at the gym.

The man said what she was doing was 'f**king ridiculous' and told her 'don't come to my gym to do this s**t' before saying she should 'keep this s**t online, bro' and saying 'don't f**king do this at my gym'.

From there the video ended as the phone appeared to be knocked over, and her viral video kicked off a discussion.

You can take a look at what went down here, but be warned there is some strong language:

There was lots of arguing back and forth over 'pulse squats', which is what she said she was doing, as some defended her doing 'deep seated pulse squats' and others were sure she wasn't doing a real exercise.

Someone else wondered 'what gives him the right to approach her like that', and another agreed that 'bro was out of line on this one.

However, others thought the TikToker 'knew what she was doing' and told her 'that wasn't a leg warm up'.

Responding to someone else who told her the man's complaint was '100% valid, you were not stretching', she hit back with another video.

This guy didn't like what she was doing and people have been debating who was right.

"So just because I do OF I'm not allowed to stretch at the gym? Because before I started OF I was doing that same stretch before every leg day, right," she said.

"And also to all the girls saying I deserved it and to all the people saying I deserve to have my phone kicked, I deserve to be harassed in public because I was minding my own business in the smallest corner of the gym, is there a rule that says no phones?

"No there's not. Was it on a tripod, was I being obnoxious? No I wasn't. Was I being loud? No. So I don't know.

"It's really sad to me to see all these comments saying that I deserve something because I went to the gym and I was stretching.

"I'm assuming he already knew who I was because I am online in the way that I am and that it made him angry, and guys tend to get mad at things they can't have."

Maybe we should all be listening to the commenter who longed for 'the days where you just stared at someone and wondered in ur own head what they were doing but realized not ur business'.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/Madi Ruvee

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