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Firm Plans To Build Car-Free City Where Everything Is Within 10 Minutes Walking Distance

Firm Plans To Build Car-Free City Where Everything Is Within 10 Minutes Walking Distance

The 504,000 square metre development titled ‘Project H1’ will be based in Seoul - and it sounds like a modern utopia



Plans for a new car-free '10-minute city' where everything is within walking distance have been unveiled for Seoul in South Korea.

Designed by Dutch architecture firm UNStudio, the 504,000 square metre development titled 'Project H1' will be situated at a former industrial site near the mountains in the South Korean capital.


The miniature metropolis will include eight residential towers of varying heights alongside parks, a hotel, a cinema, library and co-working offices, MailOnline reports.

Within walking distance, there will also be wellness facilities including climbing walls, swimming pools and a running track, as well as medical services, so that those who live there can work and play in one place.

Additional amenities include a shopping centre, kindergarten and communal areas with spaces for pop-up events.


The idea came together back in 2019 when Hyundai Development Company invited UNStudio to design a green, mixed-use neighbourhood in Seoul for the new digital economy.

UNStudio collaborated with the consultancy arm of UNSense to generate a plan for the digital lifestyle package that is designed to go beyond traditional 'smart city' models in order to improve the lives of residents.

The tech infrastructure will also boost the energy efficiency of the buildings while managing the communal spaces and local food production.


As well as being car-free, the eco-friendly space will provide flexible and compact apartments, with each one featuring a balcony space where residents are encouraged to grow their own herbs and plants.

With sustainability at its core, a water filtration system will be used to reserve rainwater and food waste will be used for composting the site's urban farms.

Although those living there are urged to walk and ride their bikes in the complex, there will be underground car parks if they need to store their vehicles.


As for the outside world, the development will incorporate an underground station to provide access to the rest of Seoul.

Global Design News reports that this new type of vertical living also aims to reduce loneliness by incorporating 'shared spaces and joint facilities' on each floor.

In other words, this '10-minute city' sounds like a modern utopia.

In a statement, the firm's co-founder, Ben van Berkel, said: "For the H1 masterplan we have aimed to create the ultimate contemporary 10-minute city, where the daily life experience of the residents is the top priority.


"We do this through the inclusion of a rich density of uplifting, curated on-site experiences that provide an extensive range of options for how they can spend their living, working and leisure time."

Berkel added that this saves 'them the time needed to travel elsewhere in the city - because, with time that is saved, more time is created'.

A spokesperson for UNStudio told MailOnline that the project is in the planning stages and there's no date set for when construction will commence.

Words: Daisy Phillipson

Featured Image Credit: UNStudio

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