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'Glitch In The Matrix' Exposes BBC's Real Olympic Set

'Glitch In The Matrix' Exposes BBC's Real Olympic Set

Many of us couldn’t believe it.

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

If you've been thinking that BBC's team of Olympics pundits have been presenting in Tokyo then prepare to be shocked. Watch the video of BBC accidentally giving it away below:

During today's (Aug 7) edition of Olympic Breakfast, there is a backdrop of Tokyo's skyline and it is regularly shown to make the illusion that the team are in the Japanese capital.

However, there was a 'glitch in the matrix' where for a split second the background image turned into a green screen.


Many of us couldn't believe it.

In fact, almost all BBC's presentational shows are based in the U.K because of the pandemic.

Broadcaster, Scott Bryan, posted a video on Twitter about it and users were understandably confused.

One user wrote: "What?! They are not in Tokyo?! @BBCSport LOL."

The blip only lasted for a second or so and many fans seemed to miss it.

A second user added: "I can't believe I missed that! Was trying to catch up on twitter while watching the telly."

Whilst a final user simply concluded: "Nooooooo."

Bryan captioned his follow up image with: "Cheeky unexpected behind-the-scenes, there."

This isn't the first time viewers have been shocked at this year's Olympics.

Fans watching the Tokyo Olympic Games were left very confused and slightly concerned after a coach was seen slapping his athlete on the sidelines.

German judo star Martyna Trajdos was preparing to take on Hungarian opponent Szofi Ozbas in the women's 63kg category when she received a pre-bout pep talk from her instructor.

But it appears this pep 'talk' didn't actually include much talking at all.

Clearly attempting to fire his student up ahead of the match-up, Ozbas' coach grabbed her by the gi and swung her back and forth before slapping her twice around the chops.

The footage didn't make for particularly pleasant viewing and quickly made its way onto social media. Fans wasted no time in questioning the coach for his 'hands on' motivational methods.

One person tweeted: "There is context. There must be context. *whispers: what is the context?*"

Sadly for Martyna, it wasn't enough to get her ready for the Round 32 match, which she eventually lost.

Featured Image Credit: BBC