Grimes Sells Piece Of Her Soul For 'Best Offer' In Online Exhibition

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Grimes Sells Piece Of Her Soul For 'Best Offer' In Online Exhibition

Grimes is selling a piece of art in her new online exhibition - in fact, she's put part of her soul up for sale for the intriguing sum of 'best offer'.

But if you're wondering what sort of ballpark figure 'best offer' might entail, Bloomberg says the artist had originally intended to list the item at a price of $10 million (£8.1m) because she 'didn't want anyone to buy it'.

Wait, what?

The singer, real name Claire Boucher, told the publication: "I didn't want anyone to buy it, so I said we should make it $10m and then it probably won't sell."


In fact, it was only the likelihood of global recession in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that made her question whether the price was in good taste. She continued: "With the current state of the world, do you want to put something up for $10m?"

The conceptual piece is the titular part of the collection, called Selling Out, which also includes drawings, prints, photos and other conceptual pieces.

It will be hosted by Gallery Platform Los Angeles (28 May - 3 June) and Maccarone Los Angeles (28 May - 31 August).


A press release for the event, reads: "Selling Out, a conceptual artwork that lends its title to the exhibition, is the culmination of Grimes' holistic art practice. It expands upon the conceit of partitioning and re-administering one's identity, whose art is their soul.

"Selling Out is executed as a contract in which Grimes sells a fraction of her soul, formalising the idea that every time an artist sells a piece of their art, part of the soul is sold with it.

"The purchaser will enter into a contractual agreement that outlines the terms of ownership and ultimately the connection to the joy of artistic expression."

In other Grimes news, she and her partner Elon Musk have changed their child's name this week, after finding out it doesn't comply with Californian law.


The baby was originally called X Æ A-12, which is fairly out there, but the couple has had to change it to something more mainstream.

According to state legislation, people cannot have Indo-Arabic numerals in their names, so the singer and the billionaire couple changed it to... X Æ A-Xii.

Grimes, real name Claire Elise Boucher, confirmed the news on her Instagram account after a fan asked: "Did you change the baby name because of Californian laws? What is the baby's new name?"


The Canadian popstar replied: "X Æ A-Xii."

Another fan then commented: "Nice! Just removed the numbers to confirm [sic] to California law."

Grimes then wrote: "Roman numerals. Looks better tbh."

I agree, tbh.

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