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Homeless Man Looks Incredible After Barber Gives Him A Free Haircut

Homeless Man Looks Incredible After Barber Gives Him A Free Haircut

It's the little things that make all the difference

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A kind barber has received a load of praise online after he gave a homeless man an incredible makeover by giving him a haircut free of charge.

Pinny Maksumov, a barber operating out of Scottsdale in Arizona, shared the story on his TikTok and explained how the man had been 'admiring' his barber shop from the outside before he offered him inside and gave him a remarkable confidence boost by chopping his locks for nothing.

Pinny told LADbible: "The gentleman kind of just approached us wanting to chat it up and seemed like a great guy, so I decided to give him a haircut.

"We talked about some financial and mental issues he was going through with his family and all of that, had a great convo, laughed it up, and that was pretty much it.

"I told him to come back whenever he'd like."

It's a simple gesture, but it must have really made a difference to this man's life and general wellbeing.


Since Pinny's gesture was shared on the social video platform, it's been viewed more than two million times in total, and people have been queuing up to praise his actions and the transformation in the man following the haircut.

When he walked into the barbers shop, he'd clearly not had a trim in a fair amount of time.

When he left, he looked - and must have felt - a million dollars.

After the cut was finished, the man could be heard to say: "Badass haircut."

The video has also been liked more than 270,000 times and received 7,000 comments from people thanking Pinny for his actions.

He captioned it: "It feels so good to help the less fortunate."


One impressed commenter wrote: "Do you realise how fantastic you made that man feel?"

Another said: "He walked out so much taller than he walked in. That smile omg I love his smile."

It gets even better, when one of the people posting in the comments wrote 'now let him come back every month until he gets back on his feet', Pinny replied: "No problem.

There you have it folks, it's only a small gesture, but everyone feels a small bit better for getting a fresh haircut.

It should act as a reminder to us all to never take for granted the small and simple things that make life so much more bearable, this year more than any year.

You can check out Pinny's work over on Instagram by clicking here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@skinny_pinny

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