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Iceland Forced To Close Canyon After Being Overrun With Tourists And Justin Bieber Fans

Iceland Forced To Close Canyon After Being Overrun With Tourists And Justin Bieber Fans

Justin Bieber fans, in particular - who have been inspired to visit after the area was featured in one of his videos

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Iceland's idyllic Fjadrárgljúfur canyon has been forced to close after becoming overrun by tourists - in particular, Justin Bieber fans.

The Canadian singer featured the canyon in the music video for 2015 song 'I'll Show You', which has now had more than 444 million views on YouTube.

In the video, Biebs frolics about among the beautiful landscape, looking out at waterfalls from rocky outcrops and running along paths as if he's in Lord of the Rings.

He's bloody loving it.

To be fair, it looks like he's having a lovely time - even if he does have his hood up for most of the time like a moody teenager.

It ends with Bieber stripping off into his undies and taking a dip in the freezing cold water, among the glaciers.

Looks a bit chilly there, mate.

Thanks to the beauty of the area, it's a pretty stunning video - but it's proved such a huge hit with fans that it's created an overwhelming demand for the once-pristine location.

So much demand, in fact, that Iceland has had to close it to the public for all but five weeks of the year.

Ranger Hanna Jóhannsdóttir has said people are still desperate to get a glance of Bieber's old haunts and take a selfie. Some just disregard the signs altogther, while others try and bribe her to open up the gate.

"Food from people's home country is the most common bribery," she told NBC, also revealing she also recently had to turn down a free trip to Dubai in exchange for looking the other way.

Hanna Johannsdottir.

Mind you, it's not all Bieber's fault, as there are also other reasons why Iceland has seen a surge in interest recently - not least HBO hit Game of Thrones, which has used Iceland as its backdrop for many scenes.

According to NBC, last year 2.3 million tourists visited Iceland, compared with 600,000 just eight years ago.

The 20 per cent annual increase in visitors may seem like a great thing for the country, but what can't keep up is Iceland's unique volcanic landscape, where soil forms slowly and erodes quickly.

Environment Minister Gudmundur Ingi Gudbrandsson said it's perhaps 'a bit too simplistic' to blame the entire situation on Justin Bieber, but urged famous, influential visitors to consider the consequences of their actions.

"In Justin Bieber's defense, the canyon did not, at the time he visited, have rope fences and designated paths to show what was allowed and what not," he told The Associated Press.

Gudbrandsson added: "Rash behavior by one famous person can dramatically impact an entire area if the mass follows."

Perhaps just think about where you're taking those selfies, eh LADs?

Featured Image Credit: Vevo

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