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Super Bowl viewers want explanation after Usher missed huge opportunity with halftime show guests

Super Bowl viewers want explanation after Usher missed huge opportunity with halftime show guests

You'd think he'd invite his friend onto the Super Bowl stage

Usher made the Super Bowl halftime show his own, but plenty of viewers thought they'd like to see someone else joining him on stage.

Alicia Keys, Jermaine Dupri, H.E.R,, Lil Jon and Ludacris all joined him for the performance, but there was one guest people were hoping for that they didn't get.

Being the Super Bowl halftime show's headline act means you get to bring your mates along for the ride, and who do we know Usher is friends with?

Well, probably a lot of people, but there's one name in particular fans were fuming they didn't see.

Here's Usher, but no sign of Justin Bieber.
Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

Plenty of Super Bowl viewers were thinking they were going to get to see Justin Bieber make a surprise appearance on stage, and were heartily disappointed when he didn't.

Not every Super Bowl act brings their friends along. Lady Gaga and Rihanna are among the performers who famously gave a solo show.

Still, if anyone was going to bring Justin Bieber onto the Super Bowl stage, it was surely going to be Usher.

The reaction from fans online seemed pretty dismayed to be missing out.

He was watching on from the crowd, but some folks on social media reckoned he ought to have been on stage.


"Missed opportunity for Justin Bieber to come out," one said, while another digitally yelled: "WHERE IS JUSTIN BIEBER?"

Someone else joked 'why he ain’t bring out his son' as more speculated that if Bieber's going to play the halftime show, it'll have to be because he was the headline act.

Though many thought Usher not bringing Bieber out was 'a missed opportunity fr', others wondered whether a guest appearance would have fit the tone Usher was going for.

Loads of people watching were thinking 'you know what this needs? Some Justin Bieber'.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

One wrote: "I'm trying to figure out what song Justin Bieber and Usher have that was impactful for them to perform."

Others took solace in looking at videos of Bieber cheering Usher on from the stands, even as some joked that he was 'vibing to Usher when he should have been out there'.

TMZ had previously suggested that Usher and Bieber spoke about a potential collaboration at the Super Bowl, but if that was the case it didn't end up happening.

Some fans want to know if there's a reason why the two didn't perform together, demanding 'statements from both Justin Bieber and Usher' as they felt as though 'we were all clowns again'.

Then again, maybe if you'd all been given the thing you asked for, you'd have had nothing to hope for in the future.

Featured Image Credit: Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation/Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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