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Car Salesman Throws Bucket Of Water Over Cyclist Who Keeps Spitting On Vehicles Every Day

Car Salesman Throws Bucket Of Water Over Cyclist Who Keeps Spitting On Vehicles Every Day

“The cyclist will probably not come back.”



A video has emerged showing the moment a car salesman gets revenge on a cyclist who allegedly keeps spitting on his vehicles.

The clip was shared on TikTok where it received 1.6 million views in just one day.

Taken outside of Auto's James in the Belgian province of Limburg, the footage shows the unknown cyclist passing a series of cars, only to then lean over and spit on one of them.

However, what he doesn't realise is that one of the garage's employees is just around the corner, waiting patiently with a bucket of water.

As one of the employees calls out to the man, the other throws the water over the offender, covering him from head to toe as he cycles off into the distance.

Apparently the man had been spitting on the company's parked vehicles for months, and so they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Speaking about the incident, Auto's James manager Mesut Kurtulus said: "We don't know what the man's problem is, we don't know him or the reason why he spits on our cars every day."

It could be something to do with the cars covering up the cycling lane, although this has not been confirmed.

And, as Mesut explained: "We respect everyone and if people have a problem, they can always come to us and we will find a solution.

"Until we know what's going on, we can't take any action. But tackling us in this way is disrespectful and unheard of.

"We kept seeing saliva on our cars, but we didn't know where it came from. This has been going on for several months now. Even cars ready for pick-up had been spat on.

"When we checked our CCTV footage, we saw the same man spitting every time he cycled past.

"It is very unfortunate that the cyclist cannot tell us what his problem is. But also that he didn't stop spitting at our cars.

"We were fed up with it, so we surprised him with a bucket of water. Waste of water.


"The cyclist will probably not come back."

Whatever the reason was for the phantom spitter, numerous people commented on the video on social media.

"I hope that bucket was filled with spit," wrote one user, while another asked: "What in the hell does this man get from spitting on a bunch of used cars for sale?"

A third chimed in: "Didn't even stop, he knew what he'd done [was] wrong."

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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