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Man Tricks His Own Grandad Into Funding His £50,000 Drug Habit

Man Tricks His Own Grandad Into Funding His £50,000 Drug Habit

A man from Bristol created a fake life and tricked his grandad out of £53,000 to fund his cocaine habit, a court heard.

Tyler Whyte was sent to prison for two years despite begging the Judge, Martin Picton, to keep him out of jail, saying that he 'beat himself up every day' for what he did, having since given up the drug.


The 20-year-old pleaded guilty to fraud from November 2015 to June 2016.

Judge Picton called the offence "a really mean fraud over a period of time, using emotional blackmail against his own grandfather."

Grace Flynn, the prosecutor, told Bristol Crown Court: "Mr Whyte provided false names, false email addresses and fictitious reasons in order for his grandfather to fund his lifestyle, for reason of cocaine addiction.

"The total amount was £53,006 over a large number of transactions."


Bristol Crown Court. Credit: Google Maps

The court heard how Whyte asked his grandfather, Richard Austin, who lived near Bristol, to provide money for letting agents as well as fund courses for the prison service or police.

Whyte had used the bank accounts of five friends to receive payments, saying he wanted to use their accounts to receive money from relatives.

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Not only was the cash spent on drugs, but Whyte also used part of the £50,000 to fund a trip to Alton Towers, in order to boost his popularity.

As his grandad grew increasingly suspicious, Whyte replied via text message with: "I would rather be in a coffin than on the street," and "Please do something, grandad, I am begging you."

When questioned by Police, Whyte admitted his grandad had sent him money, but nowhere near £50,000.

Credit: PA

Later, as emails were used as evidence, Whyte began to cry and said that he felt bad, and didn't wish to hear any more.

Mr Austin said that he had simply wanted to help his grandson, but since finding out the truth he had lost his appetite, waking up in a cold sweat during the night.

In an impact statement, he wrote: "It will take the rest of our lives to fully accept the enormity, both emotionally and financially."

Whyte, representing himself, told the judge directly: "If there is any chance I don't have to go to prison today? I've changed. I don't do drugs. I beat myself up every day. I love my grandad."

It comes just three weeks after police warned the public that 100 percent pure cocaine is being sold in Britain.

The drug is labelled as 'Class A' in the UK, meaning that possession can result in up to seven years in prison, and/or an unlimited fine. Supply and production of cocaine can be punished with life imprisonment and/or, again, an unlimited fine.

Source: Bristol Post

Featured Image Credit: PA

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