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Minus Temperatures Are On Their Way This Weekend

Minus Temperatures Are On Their Way This Weekend

Hello darkness, my old friend...

Our beloved British weather has been exacting revenge for the amazing summer that we all enjoyed by kicking us all in the jacksie with storms, rain and freezing cold.


It turns out that the recent battering that we have taken from the weather was just a warm-up - except, of course, that nothing was warmed up (yup, quite the opposite) and it was only a prelude to even worse times.

"There will be a dip in temperatures for the next couple of days," said a Met Office spokesperson.

"During the day it will top 17C in the South. But on Monday we can expect temperatures to dip to 14C or 15C.


"The plunge is from cooler north westerly winds. Sunday morning will see temperatures of -1C and -2C and that is mostly in Southern counties."

That's right. Minus temperatures are coming and, well, it doesn't get any better from there.

"It is going to turn colder towards the weekend with a northerly flow of Arctic air bringing temperatures down compared to earlier in the week," said weather expert Nicola Maxey.

Love an arctic temperature, me. I'm all about the East 17 parka game, wrapped up and inexplicably stood outside. Oh wait, no I'm not. Because nobody is.

"Overnight into Saturday we could see more widespread frosts with temperatures widely dropping, anywhere in the country could see a frost.

"There will be blustery showers around on Saturday and along northern coasts there will be the risk of gales."

Gales, arctic temperatures, widespread frosts... This is why we can't have nice things.

Her colleague, the meteorologist Simon Partridge, added: "There will be localised frost first thing in the morning but it will be dry, fine and sunny in most places.

"There'll be rain in north west Scotland which will move south but nothing too heavy. It will feel breezier with temperatures hitting 18C."

As for Sunday - well, guess what?

"It will be a cloudy day for most as a band of cloud moves south," the Met Office spokesperson said.

"They'll be a scattering of showers in the north east but nothing too significant as the rain continues to move south from Scotland.

"For most of the country, it will be sunny and chilly as temperatures reach 15-16C.

"Mostly it will be a dry weekend with temperatures of 18C at the average for this time of year."


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