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Nigel Farage Reported To Police For 'Breaking' Quarantine To Go The Pub

Nigel Farage Reported To Police For 'Breaking' Quarantine To Go The Pub

The former UKIP leader was in the US on 20 June for Donald's Trump rally in Tulsa

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Social media users have been reporting former UKIP leader Nigel Farage to the police after he shared a snap of himself in the pub two weeks after returning to the UK from the US.

However, Farage has hit back at the claims and says he has been back for more than 14 days. He also said he's taken a coronavirus test and had a negative result.

It all kicked off when Farage shared a photo of himself on Twitter holding a pint with the caption: "12 o'clock, first customer in. Love it."

But it wasn't long before the post was flooded with responses from folks tagging Kent Police and the Met Police - someone even tagged Home Secretary Priti Patel - alerting them to the fact that Farage appeared to be in the US on 20 June.

Farage posted a photo of himself after he flew out to the US to attend Donald Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa, which took place on 20 June - two weeks ago today.

Among those who reported Farage are acting leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Ed Davey, who said he had written to Kent Police.

A copy of the letter, shared online, read in part: "I write out of concern that one of your local residents may have broken quarantine rules regarding international travel and is putting lives at risk with a wilful disregard for scientific and medical advice.

"Today (4th July 2020) Nigel Farage posted at 12.23pm on Twitter from a Kent pub declaring '12 o'clock, first customer in. Love it.' Previously, on the 20th June 2020, Mr Farage posted on Twitter from the United States a photograph of himself with the tweet 'In the USA, only 24 hours from Tulsa'."

The letter then mentions the rules put in place by the Home Secretary, before adding: "Those rules requires 14 full days of isolation for anyone returning to the UK from overseas, but Mr Farage was pictured in the USA on the evening of June 20th, which suggests he should have been home in quarantine when he was in the pub."

Farage has since tweeted to say: "To all those screaming and shouting about me going to the pub.... I have been back from the USA for 2 weeks and I have been tested - the result was negative. Sorry to disappoint you. Cheers!"

According to the Department of Health receiving a negative test result does not mean that those coming back to the UK can skip self-isolating.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter