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Ordinary Looking House Is Actually Mansion With Underground Swimming Pool

Ordinary Looking House Is Actually Mansion With Underground Swimming Pool

It's only £14 million, too

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

An ordinary looking house is on the market for a sweet £14 million - why, you ask? Well, because it's actually a massive three-storey mansion with an underground pool and garden.

Someone clearly got a bit antsy about a potential apocalypse and decided to plan ahead, creating an underground garden in the Las Vegas home, complete with a painted 'view' of the city.


The home, which to the unknowing eye looks very ordinary, is actually built 26 feet under the ground. It has five bedrooms and six bathrooms and is 15,000 square feet, described as a '15,000sqft concrete and steel rectangular shaped doomsday bunker'.

You have to take a lift to access it, and once you get there, you're greeted by a fake garden, with trees which extend up to the roof, a swimming pool, a golf area and even a dance floor.


Built in 1978, the bunker is painted with detail to look like mountains, cities, wildlife and a garden path.

Although there is no natural light, the garden has settings to change from day to night, with dusk and dawn modes included.


The inside of the house has an old school pink and white kitchen, which has a window that looks out to a painted scene of a waterwheel.

It also has a dining area, a cinema room and a bar with a pool table - when can I move in?

The bathroom also has a sunken bath surrounded by marble pillars, all with very 70s decor.


The description reads: "The famous Las Vegas underground house is actually a colossal 15,000sqft fortified underground doomsday bunker which has been disguised in great detail to look like and give the occupants the feel of being on an estate in several mountainous and lush areas around the world.

"The outdoor landscapes are illuminated by a four colour lighting system reproducing the time of day of your choosing.

"Pictures do not convey the vast spaciousness one feels as they step off of the elevator, just like one cannot feel the Grand Canyon by seeing it on pictures.

"This underground estate inside the bunker should be nominated the eighth wonder. It is just over two miles from the expanding Las Vegas strip."

For the £14 million, you get all the furnishings included, as well as a year of caretaker and upkeep. What a bargain.

Has there ever been a better excuse to buy a multi-million dollar underground bunker? I think not.

Featured Image Credit: Redfin