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Matt Lucas is looking for love on Tinder with verified profile

Matt Lucas is looking for love on Tinder with verified profile

The Little Britain star is looking for love online, although he is 'still figuring out' his dating life

Although he's put himself down as 'still figuring it out', Matt Lucas is apparently weighing up what's on the market and has signed up to Tinder.

According to The Sun, the comedian, 49, uploaded a series of smiling selfies to entice people to swipe right - including one of him clutching a cake with the word 'Chocolit' emblazoned on it alongside a snap of his Little Britain character and 'FatFighters' leader Marjorie Dawes.

To be fair, you never know what might swing it for some potential matches.

Lucas has been looking for love on the online dating app, The Sun reports, and lists himself as a Pisces who is interested in West End musicals, comedy, music and football.

According to the profile, he also warned Tinder users that The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Tight Fit is his 'anthem' - so any possible suitors are well aware of what kind of tunes he'll be singing in the shower.

The former Great British Bake Off host doesn't want normal folks to be scared off by his high-profile status, either.

Matt Lucas shared a smiling snap of himself on his Tinder profile.

In 2015, Lucas had previously discussed how he had signed up to Tinder and 'loved it', although he ran into some dating difficulty as a lot of people thought they were being catfished.

During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, he said: "It’s like a game though, isn’t it? Left, right, left, right.

"And sometimes they go, 'Hello' and then they go, 'You're not Matt Lucas!'

"And I go, 'Well, I don't know what to say.' I’ve been on dates. People have been very nice, no shenanigans just nice, proper, old fashioned dates."

Lucas had previously joined the site in 2015.
Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic

He went on to say: "The thing about Tinder interestingly, Tinder in the straight community is like 'Let’s cop off', but in the gay community there’s this thing called Grindr, which I tried for a bit, but I didn’t really like it because that really was just meeting people for sex - which is nice, but it's not very good.

"In the long run, it screws with you a bit.

"Tinder is about having dates, going on dates, so if you see me on there do say hello!"

And in 2018, he shared a conversation he'd had with a potential suitor - who asked him if he was 'the guy from doctor who'.

The comedian then responded: "I am, but please don't tell anyone I'm on Tinder. I'm supposed to be fighting off Mondasian Cybermen."

Lucas has largely kept a lot of his love life out of the public eye since his divorce from ex-husband Kevin McGee in 2008 after they got married in December 2006.

McGee passed away a year after their split at the age of 32.

Featured Image Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty/Tinder

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