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​TikToker’s Hilarious Video Of Dad In ‘Airport Mode’ Goes Viral

​TikToker’s Hilarious Video Of Dad In ‘Airport Mode’ Goes Viral

The family were travelling from Dublin to Amsterdam, with Abbey's dad in full 'airport mode' to get them there

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A woman has gone viral after sharing a hilarious video of her dad in 'airport mode', filming as he stormed through security to catch their flight in 'record time'.

Abbey Strong (@abbeystrong1), 23, posted the video on TikTok earlier this week, accompanying the clip with the hashtags #airportmode and #airportdad.

In the footage, we see her family racing through Dublin Airport to try and catch up with her dad - who always appears to be several feet ahead in an attempt to keep their pace up.

"Straight in the door and he's off," Abbey says in the first clip as she commentates on what happens.

"First onto the escalator, establishing dominance and need for speed."


Abbey says her dad also kept insisting on being in charge of everyone's passports, before giving her 20-year-old sister Emily the 'silent treatment' after not separating her liquids ahead of arriving at the airport.

She continues: "A condescending wave mid explaining why Emily can't hold her own passport... Enough messing, must regain focus.

"The silent treatment for Emily as she did not pack her liquids a week in advance.

"Quadruple checking the passports in case they've been stolen in the past 10 seconds."


Eventually, the family reaches the gate for their 6.40am flight to Amsterdam.

"Arrived at gate in record time after a concerning paced speed walk," Abbey says.

The video then concludes with footage of Abbey and her family on the plane - where her 'airport dad' is still in the zone.

"Demanding passports be returned because only he can be trusted with such important documents," she says, as she shows herself handing her passport across several seats to her father.

The video has since gone viral, with Abbey telling LADbible that her dad is 'delighted' with his new-found fame.


She explained: "We were actually heading to the Netherlands for a family member's funeral. Of course it was sad and undoubtedly a tough few days, but constantly seeing the views rising on the video and news sites sharing it, gave the whole family something to laugh about and kept our spirits lifted!

"My dad is in shock at how popular the video has gotten, he's been practising his Graham Norton appearance all day!"

After the video racked up more than 94,000 views and more than 5,000 likes, many people commented to say they could relate.

"No please why is this my dad," one person said.

Another agreed: "The most accurate thing I have ever witnessed."


A third person added: "And probably first to baggage reclaim when he lands."

Others were ashamed to admit they normally acted like Abbey's dad in the video, with one commenting: "That's me all over haha... after watching this might calm down a bit on the next holiday."

Another wrote: "I'm on dad's team... quicker in quicker to a pint."

Some eagle-eyed folk, meanwhile, simply enjoyed the humour of the flight leaving for Amsterdam from gate 420...

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@abbeystrong1

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