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Woman Keeps Trespassing CIA Headquarters And Asking For 'Agent Penis'

Woman Keeps Trespassing CIA Headquarters And Asking For 'Agent Penis'

Apparently, she was there to see her 'recruiter'

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A woman has been arrested after allegedly trespassing at the CIA headquarters and asking to speak to 'Agent Penis'.

According to reports, Jennifer Hernandez, 58, has been accused of attempting to sneak into CIA's Virginia base FOUR TIMES in the past two weeks.

However, she was eventually taken into custody after refusing to leave during her final attempt on Friday (4 May).

In the court documents, one of the officers involved says: "Upon arrival, the defendant provided her Iowa identification card, requested to recover her North Carolina identification card, and requested to 'speak to Agent Penis'.

"After a review of records, I determined that CIA police officers had encountered the defendant on several recent occasions, and had cited her for trespassing on the previous evening."

The woman claimed she was there to see her 'recruiter' but was arrested after refusing to leave.

The agent then said CIA police had 'unintentionally' kept Hernandez's ID card from her the day prior to her last visit and that it was being kept in another part of the headquarters.

After returning Ms Hernandez's ID card to her, officers then escorted her to the bus stop for her to leave.

However, when the bus arrived, she allegedly said to the officers: "Do you really think I'm going to leave?"

After refusing to leave, Ms Hernandez was arrested for remaining on Agency property after being ordered to leave.

Her first visit to the HQ was on 22 April, when she arrived on foot and told officials that she had applied for a job with the Agency and her recruiter had told her to come in.

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The officer told her she was trespassing and she left on foot.

She then visited the facility again on 1 and 2 May.

On the first instance, Ms Hernandez allegedly returned using a private taxi service, Lyft, and again said she was trying to see her 'recruiter'.

She was then given a warned and told to leave.

Then on 2 May, she came back once more. Again she allegedly 'stated that she wanted to speak to her recruiter and that she knew to come here because her phone was off'.

Ms Hernandez was then interviewed by officers and escorted out of the building.

According to local reports, Ms Hernandez was charged with a Class B misdemeanour offence and remains at Alexandria City Jail.

Featured Image Credit: CIA

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