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One Of 2020's Creepiest Movies Is Now On Netflix

One Of 2020's Creepiest Movies Is Now On Netflix

The sci-fi horror follows a woman (Elisabeth Moss) who, after the suicide of her abusive boyfriend, believes she is being stalked by him

One of 2020's creepiest movies is now available to watch on Netflix. Check out the trailer below:

The Invisible Man follows a woman (Elisabeth Moss) who, after the suicide of her abusive boyfriend, believes she is being stalked by him.

The synopsis for the chilling film reads: "Cecilia's abusive ex-boyfriend fakes his death and becomes invisible to stalk and torment her.

"She begins experiencing strange events and decides to hunt down the truth on her own."

The sci-fi horror dropped on the streaming platform on 29 January and many are watching it for the first time.

One user wrote: "Omgggg I also watched The Invisible Man earlier on Netflix, soooo good."

Another tweeted: "Just watched The Invisible Man on Netflix.

"10/10. Elizabeth Moss brilliant as ever."

A third rather terribly joked: "Apparently, The Invisible Man is now on Netflix, but I can't find it anywhere..."

Another commented: "Watching The Invisible Man again bc it's on Netflix god bless Leigh Whannell and all he has done for the horror genre."



The film has received an impressive 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.1 on IMDb since its release on 28 February 2020.

Well, it seems that 2020 was a good year for horror films - Covid-19 chiller Host was released that year and has since been crowned the scariest horror movie of all time.

The Science of Scare Project discovered this was the scariest film after doing a fun little study that compared some of the most hair-raising movies of all time.

They invited 250 'victims' to watch 40 of the 'world's scariest' horror movies.

During this movie marathon, they were 'fitted with heart rate monitors and invited into our specially designed screaming rooms to watch the movies over the course of several weeks, under medical and researcher supervision'.

Vertigo Releasing

While watching Host, viewers' heart rates increased from an average resting rate of 64bpm to 88bpm.

The movie's synopsis is listed as: "While under quarantine due to Covid-19, a group of friends have decided to hold weekly Zoom calls to stay in touch. For this week's call Haley has hired a medium, Seylan, to lead them in a séance.

"One friend, Teddy, intentionally leaves the chat because his girlfriend, Jinny, keeps interrupting. During the séance one of the members, Jemma, claims to have made contact with a friend who committed suicide, Jack, only to later admit that she lied after Seylan drops out of the call.

"The remaining people begin to experience strange, terrifying phenomena; Emma's glass breaks, Haley's chair is pulled by an unseen force, and Caroline sees a hanging corpse in her attic."

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