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The £1 fish man now works in the vape business after bouncing back from tragedy

The £1 fish man now works in the vape business after bouncing back from tragedy

Remember the £1 fish man? He's now selling vapes and you can probably guess his prices

It's been over a decade since the '£1 fish man' shot to viral fame in Queen's Market, London, after he tried to serenade customers into buying his fish with a catchy song.

Muhammad Nazir sang of his 'very, very good, one pound fish, very, very cheap, one pound fish' which gifted him a brief but bright burst of internet stardom as people really enjoyed the guy singing about how cheap his fish were.

His boss had ordered him to find a way to get the attention of customers and instead of using the traditional trader's calls he decided to put together the now iconic song.

It got so popular that 'One Pound Fish' reached number 28 in the UK music charts and Nazir signed a deal with Warner Music.

Sadly after reaching the height of his fame things soon went wrong for the market stall trader turned singing sensation.

There's no prizes for guessing how much the 'one pound fish' guy is selling his vape fluids for.

Nazir says he went to Pakistan to apply for a French visa so he could perform in the country, but reports claimed that his viral fame had alerted immigration services that his visa had expired.

He returned to Pakistan in December 2012 while his song was still a big hit in Britain and told he would have to apply for a new visa, which he did not get since he was accused of breaching the terms of his previous one.

A 2013 document from the UK border agency says he was 'signed as a singer by an entertainment company', which breached the student visa he had obtained to move to the UK.

Nazir denied any wrongdoing, telling the New Statesman: "It was technically a mistake, but not made by only one person. Warner Bros released the music. If I am guilty I am not the only person."

He also revealed in the 2016 interview he had unsuccessfully applied for a UK visa twice at that time.

Since then it appears as though the one pound fish man has bounced back and decided to switch to a new line of business, and he's had to tweak his iconic song because of it.

The 'one pound fish' guy is selling vapes now.

These days Nazir sells vape liquid for, you guessed it, one pound apiece, and a couple of years ago released a music video promoting his new line of work.

Appearing in the video as singing scientist 'Dr Shady' cooking up a batch of 'very good quality' product, Nazir serenades potential customers with the adapted words 'come on vapers, come on vapers, one pound juice'.

The lyrics are basically exactly the same as they used to be when he was trying to sell people fish at a market stall, only now it's vaping liquid over the internet.

Asking vapers to try his 'lots of flavours, all one pound', he urged them to buy his 'sweet and fruity' vape juice.

Featured Image Credit: Colin Miller/YouTube/One Pound Juice/YouTube

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