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Woman from new 'girlsplaining' meme has spoken out about what was going on

Woman from new 'girlsplaining' meme has spoken out about what was going on

Someone tracked down the woman and thankfully she thinks the whole thing is pretty funny

If you’ve been on social media over the past few you have most likely seen the ‘girlsplaining’ meme that’s doing the rounds - well the woman in the snap has now been tracked down and she thinks the whole thing is pretty hilarious. 

In the shot, which is all over Twitter at the moment, a woman in a pink top can be seen enthusiastically speaking directly into the ear of a guy who doesn’t look particularly riveted by the conversation. 

Of course, it goes without saying that the shot is prime meme material and the Internet did not let us down. 


And again.


Also, does anyone else get a strong reminder of this guy?

After seeing the snap go viral, someone did some digging and the woman in the photo has been identified as Denise "Denu" Sanchez who is from Argentina. 

She’s explained to her new fans that the picture is actually pretty old, it was taken in a club in Buenos Aires all the way back in 2018. 

The not-so impressed looking bloke beside her is actually now her ex (I reckon we could all see that coming) and the pair weren’t the subject of the photo; another person took the photo and they just happened to be in the background. 

Although it’s only recently gained popularity in the UK and the US, it’s actually been being used as a meme in other countries since 2019. 

Sanchez told KYM: "I was featured in the newspaper in my city, many people followed me on Instagram, and people have written to me and asked how it happened."

However, her new-found fame came at a bit of a cost and Sanchez said she was branded a ‘toxic-girlfriend’ over the image. 

Luckily, Sanchez, who has a new partner, has managed to see the funny and admits ‘my friends laugh a lot whenever I mention it and they were surprised when I started to get famous’.

When asked how she felt about going viral all over again, she added: "I honestly had no idea that the meme resurfaced again and I never realised the huge number of people who saw it! It makes me laugh a lot when everyone is surprised that it's me." 

Unfortunately for us, Sanchez hasn’t revealed exactly what she was saying to her ex when the photo was taken… so I guess we’ll just have to use our imaginations. 

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@DeniseSanchez77 Twitter/@PunishedPope

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