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OnlyFans model gets booted from 'family' bar after she was told to cover up her outfit

OnlyFans model gets booted from 'family' bar after she was told to cover up her outfit

The pub, which calls itself a 'beach' hotel, told her to leave as she was dressed in a bikini, sandals, and crochet pants.

An Australian woman is fuming after she was booted from a beach hotel for her choice of outfit.

OnlyFans star Naomi Tibbles was visiting Queensland's North Stradbroke Island, also known as 'Straddie', when she went for a walk along the beach.

After a few kilometers she came across the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel at Point Lookout and decided to stop for a drink.

But it was not meant to be, with staff apparently having an issue with her seaside clothes.

The stunned social media star took to TikTok to vent, showing her followers her outfit, which consisted of a broad brimmed hat, crochet pants, black sandals, and a bikini top.

"I go to this pub that I got told about at reception. I am sweating bullets at this point. I just did about a three kilometer walk and have to do the walk back home too. I am gonna stop for a watermelon spritz,” the 28-year-old said.

But she soon ran into trouble when she claimed the security guards kept eyeing her up and down.

"I knew that they were talking about me cause they kept watching me and radio-ing to each other. It was really suss – I was like, what the heck do they think I am?" she said.

"Turns out they wanted to have a talk about what I am wearing.

Her not thongs.

"The first thing the security guard says to me is, 'We have a dress code here. You’re not allowed to wear thongs here'," she recounted.

She wasn't wearing thongs, though. She was then told it was 'a family establishment', despite being in a bar where children are not legally allowed to be.

Naomi says that despite her protestations, she was then kicked out.

The 28-year-old shared the incident on social media, with nearly every single commenter pointing out there was nothing inappropriate about her outfit.

One TikTokker said: "Bloody hell, and they call themselves a BEACH hotel."

A second added: "Who wears anything but swimwear at Straddie, full stop?"

A third person commented: "I used to jump out of the surf and have a beer dripping wet with only board shorts on."

The Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel was approached for comment.

However, their website does not offer any dress code, condition of entry, or any indication beachwear is not appropriate.

Their social media accounts clearly show people wearing thongs and beachwear.

Featured Image Credit: naomitibbles/TikTok.

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