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Model Has Rent Doubled After Landlord Finds Out How Much She Made On OnlyFans

Model Has Rent Doubled After Landlord Finds Out How Much She Made On OnlyFans

The model claims her landlord doubled her rent after he found her on Instagram and discovered what she did for a living

A model has claimed her rent was doubled after her landlord found out how much she was making on OnlyFans.

Romi Chase lives in Miami and has been raking it in since she started sharing content on the paywall site.

In her first year alone, the 29-year-old made a whopping $1 million but she says her success was pounced on by her landlord, who upped the rent on her four-bedroom home from $2,300 a month to a staggering $4,800.

She was informed of the rise following an 'inspection' last November.

Romi said: "When he came over the only thing he inspected was me. He actually didn't inspect anything, he walked in and paced around and I'm like, 'Ok, what's happening?' he wasn't actually looking at anything.

Romi says her landlord doubled her rent after finding out she was on OnlyFans.

"All of a sudden he's like, 'I found you on Instagram', I'm like, 'Oh, ok'.

"He gave me a sort of attitude, you could see he didn't like this. It's a legal job, I'm paying taxes, I have registered as a small business.

"I wasn't going to waste my time trying to explain myself, I didn't have anything to explain."

A few weeks later, Romi, who is originally from Poland, received a letter informing her of the changes to her agreement.

She was told to pay the increased rate within 60 days or leave her home.

And as her lease had a 60-day notice period, it meant that she had to make a decision that same day or lose her deposit.

Romi said: "It’s a 120 percent increase during a time when people are just barely surviving, leaving me in a bad spot to say the least.

The 29-year-old has since moved to Las Vegas.

"I thought this was insane, none of this was in the initial lease that I signed. 

"When I contacted a few lawyers I was told he was within his rights, in the state of Florida there is no regulation on rent hikes. 

"My landlord knew I was an immigrant, he knew my finances and quite frankly I felt targeted. I was upset, this was just very chaotic and hectic time."

Romi even tried speaking to her landlord to see if she could reason with him.

She went on: "He showed zero emotion and basically said between the lines, either pay the rent at this exuberant price or get the f**k out.

"So I chose to get the f**k out, and when I told him he informed me that I didn’t give him enough notice and was losing my security deposit. It was the perfect plan."

She moved to a new place in Las Vegas because after hearing about other performers living there too and she doesn't regret it.

The model said: "I've bought a way better crib now in Vegas, it's a five bed, five bath with a private pool. It's my dream home and I came out on top."

She added: "Was I targeted for being in the adult industry, for being an immigrant or for being a single woman in her twenties making more money per year than he ever did in his entire life? 

“I say all of the above."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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