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OnlyFans star shocked to discover her mum's new boyfriend is one of her biggest subscribers

OnlyFans star shocked to discover her mum's new boyfriend is one of her biggest subscribers

Sophia, 28, was left spooked after meeting her mum's new beau she met at the gym.

An OnlyFans influencer has been horrified to discover her mum's new boyfriend is one of her top subscribers.

Sophia, 28, told Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson that her meeting with her potential new stepdad could not have gone any worse.

Sophia told the radio hosts that she only has a few hundred subscribers and likes to keep her profile on the ‘down low’.

"I only do topless shots," she added.

Sophia makes around AUD $6,000 (£3,354) each month through the subscription-based website.

However, she said she had no idea her mother’s new beau was a subscriber of hers.

Not only did he pay for the monthly subscription, but he's also sent her an additional AUD $500 (£279) for more explicit material.

“He has not just seen topless shots, he has seen a lot more than that,” she said.

“We sent photos back and forth, he has seen videos of me touching myself,” she added.

Sophia's mum is aware she posts content on OnlyFans, however the mother has no clue that she will take money for more racy photos or videos.

However, after her mum introduced her to a new boyfriend - a man she had fallen head over heels for at the gym - Sophia was left spooked.

Wachiwit / Alamy Stock Photo

She said: “He looked sheepish [when we met] and that is what creeped me out the most.”

And to make matters worse, Sophia told the radio hosts that she shoots some of her own content in her mother’s bedroom.

She told Kyle and Jackie O that she can’t help but think that this ‘fan’ might have stalked her online and found out who her mum was as a ploy to get closer to her.

**Checks to see if all social media accounts are set to private**

While Sophia is anxious to tell her mum, both radio hosts agree she must do so before it gets worse.

The woman then joked that if she dropped him as a subscriber, she would lose AUD $20 (£11).

Girl, you can’t even buy a movie ticket for that price.

Viewers were left stunned, as one person wrote: “This is what happens when put yourself on public display. There's probably 100 husbands following.”

Another said: “I would hit him up and say your content is going up to $200 instead of the $20 bwhahaha.”

A third added: "If she's not willing to remove him when it's just a small $20 she'll lose, then secretly she likes it. Sorry if she were that affected by it she'd just remove him and or tell her mother."

Featured Image Credit: Antonio Guillem / Alamy Stock Photo. SOPA Images Limited / Alamy Stock Photo

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