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Paddy the Baddy offers internet troll £500 to fight him

Paddy the Baddy offers internet troll £500 to fight him

People are flooding to social media to praise Paddy the Baddy for his handling of an internet troll.

People are flooding to social media to praise Paddy the Baddy for his handling of an internet troll.

The advice you normally get if you receive a hateful message online is to rise above it and ignore it, however Paddy Pimblett a.k.a. Paddy the Baddy decided to take matters into his own hands and not just respond to the hater but take on the internet troll face-to-face.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Paddy documents his fight with the troll who's frequently commented on his posts 'for the last week or two'.

Paddy promised to give the troll £500 if he survived the sparring.
Paddy The Baddy/ YouTube

"So Paddy ended up booking him a train ticket and apparently he's on the way down, so we'll see if he turns up," MMA coach Ellis Hampson says.

And hats off to the internet troll, because he did actually show up to fight Paddy in real life rather than just hiding behind his screen online.

Paddy joked the troll certainly has a 'set of kahoonies' for getting on the train to come and see him after denying he was trolling the boxer when 'he was'.

"I said to him if you don't quit and you survive, then we'll do unlimited rounds. And if you don't quit and survive, I'll give you the monkey (£500), but obviously I know he's not going to survive," the mixed martial artist continued.

Paddy promised not to go 'mad' on the troll as he's not 'been saying stuff about my unborn kids like Charlie Zelenoff to Deontay Wilder'.

Paddy resolved: "He'll get a little lesson, but I am only going to play with him."

"It's a bit of fun isn't it really?" MMA coach Adam Ventre added. Whether or not the troll said that after coming face-to-face with Paddy is another question entirely.

The troll turned up much to Paddy the Baddy and his team's surprise.
Paddy The Baddy/ YouTube

In the video, when the troll turns up, Paddy can be seen giving him a hug - little to calm the troll who admits he's 'nervous' joking he wants Paddy to 'go hard' so he can 'go home humble'. Then into the cage the pair go.

Round one sees the internet troll put up a fairly good fight, one person in the crowd joking he's 'done this before'.

Paddy also coaches the troll while they're sparring, telling him to 'guard himself' and encouraging him as he learns.

The troll made it to round three.
Paddy The Baddy/ YouTube

The troll makes it to round three, putting up a good fight in person as much as he did online, but ultimately he's no match for Paddy the Baddy and so bows out looking a bit worse for wear.

"I feel like I should probably go to the hospital," he says, before apologising for 'trolling the s**t out of' the mixed martial artist.

Paddy resolves: "Respect for coming down lad, proper respect lad, because I've been asking other UK MMA fighters to come and spar me and they're all scared. [...] This is how we deal with trolls."

Paddy also told the troll that despite not surviving the sparring, he'd still give him £50 out of £500 to go out and enjoy himself in Liverpool.

Despite the man having trolled Paddy, the mixed martial artist still hugged him and gave him £50.
Paddy The Baddy/ YouTube

Viewers have flocked to the video in praise of Paddy's treatment and dealing with of the troll.

One said: "Honestly props to the guy to get in the cage, to not only be respectfully humbled but to meet Meeks and fight Paddy in the process pretty sick experience if you ask me."

"Love how respectful they were with the lad," another wrote.

A third commented: "Big respects on that guy for showing up, it's so funny how when things get real people actually act and talk like human beings. Look at how well Paddy treated him, Paddy went super light on him with no hate."

Featured Image Credit: Paddy The Baddy/ YouTube

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