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Pastor Wipes Spit All Over Churchgoer's Face In Bizarre Sermon

Pastor Wipes Spit All Over Churchgoer's Face In Bizarre Sermon

Pastor Mike Todd of the Transformation Church decided to illustrate a point in an incredibly vivid fashion during his weekend sermon

An American pastor has been receiving a whole heap of attention online after he spat in his hand and then rubbed it into the face of a volunteering member of his congregation to make a point about God. You can see this revolting lesson taking place in the video below.

So, even before there was a global pandemic on it was considered wholly inappropriate to spit into your own hand, let alone rub it into the face of a stranger, yet that’s exactly what we can see Pastor Mike Todd getting up to here.

It would seem that he was trying to make a point about how sometimes following God and his ways can be ‘nasty’, and he certainly chose an ideal way of illustrating his point.

For the man standing passively by whilst Todd wiped a loogie onto his face, following God just got seriously nasty for him right there.

Why dude, why?
Transformation Church

Still, he stood right there and let the preacher do it to him, whilst the entire audience squirmed and gasped with horror at what was unfolding in front of them.

Todd is the preacher at the Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and makes a bit of a habit of performing weird acts like this.

You can watch the full two-minute speech that he gives in explanation for his gross act in the above video, but you’ll notice that he makes a very theatrical point of coughing and spluttering before spitting the gozz into his hand whilst he’s talking away.

Frankly, there must have been an easier way to explain that sometimes following the good word isn’t the easiest task in the world for a believer.

Upon hearing the reaction to his sermon about how ‘receiving vision from God might get nasty’, Todd was only spurred on.

Despite the groans and moans from the congregation, he said that his point was exactly that.

The man just stood there and took it.
Transformation Church

He stated that the responses were exactly what believers can expect when they truly follow the word.

I suppose there is a point about following what you believe is right even against criticism and opposition, but – really – did it need to be illustrated like that?

Anyway, it was and you can now hear Todd’s words, as well as seeing the whole act for itself.

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Featured Image Credit: Transformation Church

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