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People Baffled By The Way Salt Bae Says 'Avocado'

Tom Wood

| Last updated 

People Baffled By The Way Salt Bae Says 'Avocado'

You might be familiar with Salt Bae – or Nusret Gökçe as his mam calls him – from his signature salting move or his extortionate prices for beef, but have you ever heard him speak? Well, if you watch the video below, we can give you an insight into what he sounds like saying one word at the very least.


Gökçe, who has become internationally renowned for his bizarre and pricey restaurants, regularly films himself in the process of performing various tasks about his venues, but rarely do we ever get to hear what he actually sounds like.

It turns out that many people weren’t ready to hear his true voice, because it’s very strange.

Whilst some have called his voice ‘cringey’ – which is a little bit unfair, really – others have said that he sounds like he’s from the Irish city of Limerick.

One thing that is for certain is that he has a bizarre way of saying the word ‘avocado’.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

The video that sparked all of this consternation showed Salt Bae – Mr Bae? – squeezing out one of the delicious green fruits from the skin in a provocative and slightly unnerving way.

As the flesh of the avocado emerged from nature’s wrapping, he drawled: ‘Avocaaaaddoooo’

His strange pronunciation was picked up by podcaster and all-around good guy Blindboy, who wrote on his Twitter: “Ammm…Why does Salt Bae say ‘Avacado’ in a Limerick accent?”

For anyone familiar with that accent – or anyone who has heard Blindboy talk – they’ll know that he has more than a point.

Then, a second video emerged.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Blindboy added: “Found a second video, can now confirm that Salt Bae says Avocado in a Limerick city accent.

“This is real.”

This is not the first time that Salt Bae’s voice has been discussed at length online.

Last November he shared a rare spoken video in which he said that his London restaurant is his ‘big dream’.

Some called his speaking voice ‘weird’ and ‘cringey’ – again, a bit unfair – but others were a bit more positive.

“You are so weird in the best way,” one said.

Again, a bit of a backhanded compliment, but still.

On the subject of avocados, others made fun of the fact that his restaurants are so damned expensive.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Under the first video, one wrote: “That’ll be $500”.

Another said: “That’ll be £45 for that n’ all”.

You’ll have to make up your own mind on this one.

Or not, totally up to you.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

Topics: Celebrity, Weird, Food And Drink

Tom Wood
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