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People divided after man hits little girl 'stuck' in waterslide

People divided after man hits little girl 'stuck' in waterslide

A man hit a little girl when she got 'stuck' in a waterslide and people are split over who was at fault.

A man filming himself going down a waterslide ended up with footage of a disaster as he accidentally hit a little girl.

Posting the video of his trip down a slide at Island Waterpark, California, to TikTok, he blamed the lifeguards for telling him it was safe to go down the slide and he ended the video by calling on them to pay more attention.

He can be seen hurtling feet first down the slide, whooping with delight as he tumbled down the various twists and turns until the light at the end of the tunnel came into view.

Sadly, blocking that light was a little girl still on the slide and the pair collided with an audible thud as she screamed in surprise.

Carried into the water by the momentum, they surfaced and a voice could be heard to say 'hey there was a little girl in there'.

The filmer accidentally collided with a girl at the bottom of the slide.

People watching the video are quite divided over who is to blame for the accidental collision, with plenty finding it funny and others thinking the collision ought to have been avoided.

Lots agreed with the original poster that the 'lifeguards should of done their job' and either helped the girl out of the slide or given her more time to move before sending the next person down.

Some commenters suggested the girl should have done more to get out of the slide, with one person wondering 'why was she sitting there' and another saying it was 'her fault she just sat there'.

Another said she 'could have scooted herself' out of the way to avoid getting hit, though plenty pointed out that there's only so much a little kid who has lost all momentum on a slide can do to get out of the way quickly.

LADbible has contacted Island Waterpark, where the waterslide is located, for comment.

All was going well for the TikTokker at first.

It's not the only waterslide related mishap to go viral recently, as a man taking part in a competition jumped off the roof of a waterslide and absolutely flew into the air at the end.

While everyone was amazed at the footage of him flying through the sky, others were more interested to see what sort of injuries you'd sustain from a stunt like that.

The man was left with bruises and grazes all over his body as he landed heavily on the slide after jumping off the roof and then flew off the end of the slide and slammed into the water at high speed.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@AdrianLionsOnly

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