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People Divided Over Footage Of New Highway Code Rule In Action

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

People Divided Over Footage Of New Highway Code Rule In Action

People are divided after seeing footage of a new Highway Code rule in action, with some saying they feel ‘confused’ about why it’s been brought in while others have praised its role in protecting more vulnerable road users. Take a look below:


As part of the new changes, which were brought in at the end of last month, motorists will have to give way to cyclists and pedestrians at junctions and on a parallel crossing. 

Under the newly-established ‘hierarchy of road users’, cyclists also have to take more responsibility to be aware of pedestrians. 

This means, for instance, that motorists and cyclists will have to give way to pedestrians waiting to cross the road into which or from they are turning – a change that many people have seen on the roads since the revised rules came into effect. 

Tweeting dash-cam footage of a car giving way to two pedestrians crossing the road the motorist was turning into, user @CCSteV said: “The revised Highway Code working exactly as intended. Anybody objecting to this must have problems with observation and planning.” 

Backing the change, someone else commented: “Well said... how difficult was that! Simple.”

Another added: “Only way an accident could happen here is if the driver behind isn't paying attention. Fault always lies with the driver who rear-ends another.

Credit: Twitter/@CCSteV
Credit: Twitter/@CCSteV

"If you think you're at risk of doing this, simply put your phone away and look at the road ahead at all times. You're welcome.” 

But not everyone seemed convinced, with one commenting: “Still confused what the point is though, because it doesn't save the pedestrians any time compared to if you just drove past instead, well, unless people start being brave and faithful enough to step out before confirming the vehicle is actually stopping, which I won't be. 

Another said: “‘Step out in front of the turning vehicle’ will not be taught to my children.” 

A third doubter added: “Watch road traffic accident rates soar and then comment.” 

One also said they have had ‘mixed results’ as a pedestrian, saying some drivers had given way while others hadn’t, while some simply said the new changes will just ‘take some getting used to’. 

Broadcaster and avid cyclist Jeremy Vine also waded in on the debate, sharing a video of his own online. 

Jeremy Vine. Credit: Alamy
Jeremy Vine. Credit: Alamy

He tweeted: “Drivers, this is how the new #HighwayCode is supposed to work. My light is green, but she steps out. I stop for her because she is more vulnerable. It's really not difficult. Just GIVE WAY to walkers and cyclists who are in your path at junctions and stop moaning about it.” 

Responding to his post, someone else shared footage they had recorded at the weekend, writing: “We caught it in action on Saturday, a wonderful civilised moment.” 

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@CCSteV

Topics: UK News

Jess Hardiman
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