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People think McDonald’s is about to change its iconic logo

People think McDonald’s is about to change its iconic logo

Some people are convinced that McDonald's is changing their iconic logo.

Some people are convinced that McDonald's is getting a new logo after the company changed its profile picture out of the blue on social media.

The fast-food giant is known for its iconic Golden Arches logo - and it is something that we have all come to love over the years.

But one theory amongst fans is that the logo is actually going to change based off a cryptic post from the McDonald's account.

On Tuesday (10 January), the McDonald's Instagram account posted a new logo.

People are speculating as to what the post may mean.
Ian Dagnall / Alamy Stock Photo

It featured the Golden Arches, but boasted a wider and spaced out M than we are used to seeing.

An animation of the logo was posted to the UK Instagram account, showing the wider and spaced out logo morph back into the classic one.

The short animation also features an audio clip which sounds like the start of Flo Rida's Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1).

It is also worth noting that this new animation was only posted to the McDonald's UK Instagram account, so whatever this new logo is implying, may be limited to the UK.

McDonald's themselves are trying to be cryptic about the post, as the caption featured the emoji of two wide open eyes looking side to side.

And the emoji certainly captures how social media users are feeling after viewing the post - a real sense of confusion, but also intrigue.

One Instagram user commented: "What? I'm so confused". Another asked: "What is this?"

A second added: "We NEED to know what this means."

Others were convinced that the post meant that a new logo was coming, despite the current one being much loved.

The post has people talking.

One person suggested "New logo?" - meanwhile, a second added: "Great logo. 10/10."

However, there were some Maccies lovers who were not too impressed by the new logo; "Not Mclovin this new sign," one person said.

Another theory amongst fans is that the fast-food giant is bringing back Chicken Legend - as some have suggested you can hear a word that resembles the world 'chicken' in the audio clip.

One person said: "CHICKEN LEGEND PLZ."

And a second added: "Let me guess? You're seeing sense and bringing back the Chicken Legend?"

McDonald's sparked controversy in October 2022 when they axed the popular item from its menu.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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