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Man Witnesses Mystery Underwater Creature Killing Three Geese In Lake District

Man Witnesses Mystery Underwater Creature Killing Three Geese In Lake District

A man has alleged there is an unknown underwater beast which has been snatching geese from the surface of the Lake District.

The Loch Ness Monster may be getting a run for its money – a man has claimed there is an unknown underwater beast that has been snatching geese from the surface of the Lake District.

Lake District local Wayne Owens has taken to social media to warn locals of some sort of underwater creature prowling the depths of Ullswater lake.

The 61-year-old, who works on the lake and has been coming to it for 'over 40 years' for open water swimming and Triathlon events, took to Facebook to warn of his horrifying sighting of some geese being dragged into the murky depths.

Wayne Owens saw the geese attack in Ullswater lake.

On 23 June, he wrote: "BEWARE on ULLSWATER today I saw a full size goose taken off the top of water and dragged underneath I work on the lake this was witnessed by person working on boat with me this was at Howtown 2nd one I have seen this year NOT A JOKE [sic]."

In an update, Owens said the sighting had taken place at 10:12am and the grey goose – which was 'maybe 10 to 12 pounds – was 'dragged backwards not to be seen again after five minutes'.

The swimmer continued: "My skipper who has 36 years of experience was with me and said he had never seen any goings-on like it."

Wayne Owens has warned Lake District locals after he spotted geese being attacked by some sort of underwater creature.
Wayne Owens/ Facebook

Owens' post the following day went on to claim he had since seen 'two small grey lags maybe five lbs each' that 'could not fly properly'.

He reported that one of them got 'taken down immediately' and the second 'within 15 seconds' of the first at 12:17pm.

"A minority of people thought this was a joke ...THIS IS NO JOKE we have now contacted Lake district Nation Park Authority and I have tried contacting Environments Agency today THIS is no joke.

"Do Not let your dog swim here in my opinion I have been coming here 45 years skipper 36 years MOT WITNESSED this have spoken and reported to specimen fish hunter NOR PIKE NOT OTTER read reviews of people also witnessing on Ullswater BE CAREFULL [sic]," he warned.

Wayne Owens posted his warning in a group called 'I Love The Lake District'.
Wayne Owens/ Facebook

Other locals flooded to the comments section of the post in debate over what the mysterious underwater predator could be.

One resident believes the geese attacks are the result of pike. They wrote: "Pike are the sharks of freshwater. Many fisherman will tell you Swans ducklings and many water birds fall victim to them it’s nature.

"You can get large Catfish too. These fish will grow to very large specimens in lakes. It’s their domain . It’s common all over the country in rivers and lakes for large Pike to take down birds sic]."

Another is certain it's a catfish lurking beneath the surface: "It’ll be.a Cat Fish for sure. Nothing else in fresh water is capable including Pike as a Pike if big enough would run after it’s got a hold and you’d see that closer the surface.

"Strange behaviour for a bottom feeding Cat but it’s the only possibility in my mind and they can grow to mind boggling sizes and aggressive too."

Other locals speculated whether or not it could be a pike or catfish.

Owens told Lancashire Live: "When I have spoken to people about it they have said that a pike would have to be 50-60lb to drag a fully grown goose down and they would normally jump on top.

"I think something has been released into the water and when I have spoken to people about it, they have said it could be a crocodile or a catfish. Some people think I'm mad but I have nothing to gain from this.

"It traumatised me. I want people to stay out of the water with their children and small dogs and I would like the Lake District National Park Authority to put some signs up warning people that there is something in the water."

Despite the sightings, a Lake District National Park Authority ranger said the investigation team haven't spotted anything unusual.

Despite Owens' warnings, a Lake District National Park Authority ranger has said the investigation has not shown up anything unusual.

A spokesperson from Lake District National Park Authority told LADbible: "We are aware of the alleged incidents involving geese on Ullswater. Our Lake Ranger team patrolled the area over the weekend and did not see anything out of the ordinary. We will continue to monitor the area. The Environment Agency is also aware."

However, a resident resolved: "There were always stories flying around as kids about a big creature in Ullswater. Howtown gets very busy especially in the holidays.

"Would hate anything to happen to a dog or child paddling. Let’s hope we find out. I am intrigued!!"

LADbible has contacted Wayne Owens for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Wayne Owens/Shutterstock

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