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Pilot ejects from $100 million fighter jet as it spirals out of control and nosedives onto tarmac

Pilot ejects from $100 million fighter jet as it spirals out of control and nosedives onto tarmac

The F-35B took a nosedive and spiralled, and the condition of the pilot is unknown

A pilot had to eject from a fighter jet after it nosedived on the tarmac.

The F-35B was landing in Fort Worth, Texas, when things took a turn for the worse and the pilot resorted to drastic measures.

Watch here:

Footage shows the aircraft descending before tipping on to its nose as smoke billows from it.

It then spirals out of control and the pilot can be seen ejecting, launching through the air before floating down to the ground with a parachute.

The Pentagon said the aircraft was being flown at the time of the crash by a US government pilot.

Their condition is currently unknown; however, White Settlement Police Department said they will be 'okay'.

In a statement shared on Facebook, the department said: "Thankful that we received word that the pilot will be okay.

"Your WSPD team responded to an emergency call for assistance to secure and patrol perimeter fencing along the runway around 10:15 a.m. this morning.

"We have a great relationship with Lockheed Martin and the Naval Air Station - Joint Reserve Base and quickly responded and coordinated our public safety response to assist their teams."

The pilot had to eject.
Kitt Wilder

Lockheed Martin - the company that manufactures the plane - said the incident will now be investigated.

Its statement read: "We are aware of the F-35B crash on the shared runway at Naval Air Station JRB FW and understand that the pilot ejected successfully.

"Safety is our priority, and we will follow appropriate investigation protocol."

Earlier this month, a family died in a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico, shortly after taking off from Venice Municipal Airport in Florida

The wreckage of the rented Piper Cherokee aircraft was discovered about a third of a mile offshore, and on 6 December, police identified the victims as pilot Christian Kath, 42, his wife Misty Kath, 43, and their daughter Lily, 12.

Misty's body was found by boaters about 2.5 miles off Venice Beach, and Lily was retrieved from the wreck by divers.

The search for Christian was called off.

The tragic crash came months after Christian shared his excitement about taking his family out on a flight.

In his last Facebook post in March, he said: "I flew solo for the first time today! Felt so proud to finally achieve something I've been wanting to do since I was 8 years old.

"Started my lessons in late December and am about half way though my private pilot license now.

"Thanks for putting up with my early morning lessons and late night studying Misty Kath; it will all feel worth while when we can fly to the Keys for a weekend away with Lily and Harper soon.

"Feel lucky to live and be learning to fly in such a beautiful part of the world!"

Featured Image Credit: Kitt Wilder

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