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Pink pigeon gets rescued after it was 'probably used in a gender reveal party'

Pink pigeon gets rescued after it was 'probably used in a gender reveal party'

An animal welfare organisation has slammed those who use animals for their own entertainment.

A pigeon that was dyed pink has been rescued in New York and authorities believe it could have been used for a gender reveal party.

These types of parties have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years.

It seems like soon-to-be parents are constantly trying to find different ways to announce they are expecting a little boy or girl.

While it started out with coloured frosting inside a cake, it's since ballooned out to having fireworks, explosions and other high-octane methods to show pink or blue.

A king pigeon was discovered roaming Madison Square Park in Manhattan.

It's not every day you see a bird with feathers this colourful and passersby were correct in thinking something was off about this particular animal.

The Wild Bird Fund said the bird is now in their care and issued a PSA to people.

"Pigeons come in many different colors and plumages, but pink isn't one of them," they wrote on Facebook.

"This is a domestic king pigeon who was deliberately dyed this color and released.

"This poor bird has it bad enough as a domestic bird unable to find food in the wild, fly well or escape predators, but being a bright, unusual color makes him even more of a target.

"He's also barely more than a fledgling but shows signs of longterm malnutrition."

They added: "Please never release domestic birds to the wild.

"Not for weddings, funerals, celebrations, art projects, anything. (We'd hope that 'don't dye them' goes without saying, but...)

"They will starve or be preyed on. If you see an all-white pigeon in the wild, or any tame bird standing around looking lost, it needs your help.

"Please catch the bird and bring it to a pigeon rescue or animal sanctuary near you."

When asked why someone would dye a pigeon, the Wild Bird Fund said on Twitter that a gender reveal party seems to be the leading theory at the moment.

People were horrified in the comments section and said animals have no place in gender reveal parties.

One Twitter user wrote: "Honestly, how can humans be so cruel? Thank you for caring for him & also the rescuer."

Another added: "Some people are heartless!"

A third said: "This is horrible and so cruel, what is wrong with some people!? Poor young pigeon. I hope this little soul is going to be ok, thank goodness he/she is now safe with yourselves."

Featured Image Credit: Phyllis Tseng/Wild Bird Fund/Facebook. Roman Lacheev / Alamy Stock Photo

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