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Pink Sauce Is Taking Over TikTok - What Actually Is It?

Rachel Finn

| Last updated 

Pink Sauce Is Taking Over TikTok - What Actually Is It?

If you’ve been hanging around on TikTok lately, you’re likely to have come across all the drama surrounding a mysterious product called The Pink Sauce.

The mysterious sauce has a bright pink hue that looks remarkably similar to Pepto Bismol and was created by Chef Pii, a private chef and mixologist.

Chef Pii first began promoting her new product back in June, showing her displaying the packaging and drizzling the pink sauce all over various foods, but at first the chef refused to admit what the sauce tasted like or what ingredients were in it and simply referred to it as “edible and natural”.


Chef Pii later revealed the ingredients of the sauce which included dragonfruit, said to give the concoction its pink hue. According to the label on the bottle, the sauce is apparently made from water, sunflower seed oil, raw honey, distilled vinegar, garlic, pitaya (dragonfruit), pink Himalayan sea salt, dried spices, citric acid, lemon juice and milk.

However, questions have been raised after customers started receiving their own bottles of the sauce.

TikTok creator @seansvv shared a series of explanational videos doing a deep dive of their concerns about the sauce, including that the pink hue seemed to change colour depending on what bottle you got, the weights and calories listed on the bottle don’t seem to make sense and there were spelling mistakes on the labels.

​​They also said that "there are not enough preservatives" within the sauce "to make shelf stable" and said they had fears that labelling the sauce incorrectly could make people ill.


In the caption for their second video, Sean SVV wrote, "I’m genuinely rooting for her to obtain a license, fix the labels, correct any errors and then sell out — legally".

As for what the sauce actually tastes like, many people have been posting test taste videos on TikTok to finally find out what flavours the mysterious sauce has.

Some accused Chef Pii of simply taking ranch dressing and putting in pink food colouring while others struggled to describe the taste.


Others have claimed eating the sauce even made them ill, with one commenter joking: “I can’t believe ppl are actually surprised they are getting sick from eating the pink sauce… did y’all see how it was being shipped?? No preservatives?? Being shipped unprotected in record breaking weather? What did you expect?”

Following the explosion of internet drama, Chef Pii addressed her followers in a video captioned "WE ARE FIXING THE ISSUES".

She apologised for the label errors ("I'm only human"), and stressed that the nutritional labels will be fixed for all future bottles of the sauce purchased.

"Yes, we are following FDA standard," she continued in the video, stressing that the product is still in "lab testing". She then spoke about her ambition of selling the sauce in stores.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

Topics: TikTok, UK News

Rachel Finn
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