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Pizza Hut is giving away 5,000 pizzas to celebrate International Hawaiian pizza day

Pizza Hut is giving away 5,000 pizzas to celebrate International Hawaiian pizza day

Pizza Hut is giving away 5,000 tropical pizzas to celebrate this huge milestone.

To celebrate International Hawaiian pizza day, Pizza Hut is giving away 5k of the tropical pizza, providing you with a slice of summer during the winter season.

As the 20th of August is officially international Hawaiian Pizza day, the fast-food chain offers this special deal on its birthday. However, Pizza Hut will also give away 1k of Hawaiian pizza during the entire month of August to celebrate 60 years.

While we come towards the tail-end of winter, what better way to anticipate the summer season with the little ham and pineapple on the Italian delicacy?

For those who love to hate on Hawaiian pizza, what other flavour has its own day? Capriosca? Barbecue? Buffalo pizza? No, we didn’t think so.

But like all of the genius fusions in life, they come with a bit of controversy - the cronut, bubble tea, fried ice cream - just to name a few. Those who knock ham and pineapple pizza are simply small-minded, and we feel sorry for you.

However, if you want to expand your culinary palette, what better way to try the tropical pizza than during the celebratory month?

To have a chance of scoring a free pizza, all you need to do is be first in best dressed to claim each day from 4 pm (AEST). Everyone who tries to score a free pizza will also unlock a bespoke pizza-based game.

However, if you think the generous offer stops at a couple - or thousand freebies, you may want to sit down for this one. If you hit the target that day, you enter into the draw for a chance to win an insane family holiday trip to Hawaii.

You’ll be the envy of all your friends while sipping mocktails by the poolside while catching that powerful North Pacific Ocean sun.

The top high scorers each day will also win themselves a limited-edition Pizza Hut Hawaii shirt to help get into the mindset of summer.

But no stress, if game playing isn’t your thing and you just want to go to Hawaii, all pizza lovers will automatically be entered into the holiday draw with their Hawaiian Pizza or a Hawaiian Schnitzza order.

Make sure you don’t miss out on a slice of the action!

Featured Image Credit: pizzahutau / Instagram.

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