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Shocking CCTV appears to show woman 'planting' plastic from bra to avoid £170 restaurant bill

Shocking CCTV appears to show woman 'planting' plastic from bra to avoid £170 restaurant bill

She's been accused of tearing the wrapper off a cigarette packet she'd stored in her underwear and placing it in her bowl of chicken curry

A woman has been accused of taking plastic from her bra and planting it in her curry to avoid paying a £170 restaurant bill. You can see it here:

The family-of-five were dining at Namji, in Milton Keynes, on Monday (10 October) when CCTV footage appeared to capture the woman tearing the wrapper off a cigarette packet she'd stored in her underwear, before placing it in her bowl of chicken curry.

Owner Naseem Khan said the family 'wolfed' down their banquet, but when the bill arrived they made threats and stormed out while complaining about the 'plastic' in their food – even after being offered a 20 percent discount.

"She obviously did a lot of planning beforehand," said 44-year-old Naseem.

"You could say, 'This is somebody who is not happy with the food,' but they wolfed down the food and nothing was left at the end – they ate everything.

"Doing this in front of kids is not acceptable in this society.

"If she was struggling with money, she could have come to me and I would have given her food for free. But she didn't do that."

CCTV footage appears to show the customer planting plastic in her curry.

The family's bill shows they ordered four starters, seven side dishes, four drinks and six main courses – including two Tandoor Lamb chops – costing a total of £170.45.

But Naseem said they began complaining as soon as the dishes started arriving... while simultaneously scoffing it all.

She said: "This particular couple started to complain about the starters first, but they ate all of them. And when the main food came out, they ate all of it again.

"Later, the woman called the waiter and said there was plastic in her food.

"The waiter said, 'We don't have this plastic in our kitchen, but I have the authority to give you 20 percent off and not charge you for the dish.'

"The husband of the woman then stood up and said, 'I'm not going to pay', and the waiter said, 'Fine, do what you have to do' and walked away."

She added: "The waiters have been given clear instructions not to confront anybody, as we have had a problem with people being very aggressive and abusive."

They chalked up a fat bill but refused to pay.

How exactly the mysterious plastic ended up in the curry became apparent when they checked the CCTV footage.

Naseem said: "We went on the CCTV to examine how things could have gone better. That's when we discovered that she removed the plastic from her bra.

"It was from a cigarette packet. She broke a piece off and put the rest back in her bra, then put it in the curry and called the waiter."

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said they were investigating the incident.

They said: "At around 8.30am today (11/10), we received a report of a theft at Namji restaurant in Xscape in Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes.

"Officers are investigating and anyone with information should call 101 or make a report on our website."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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